Larry Taylor Blog ~ August 21, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  August  21,  2012   {tuesday}

  [Space Weather]

SPACE WEATHER NEWS  ~ Filmed by Jesper Gronne in Denmark on August 15 [see above image] first Danish ‘Red Sprites’ photographed over the North Sea……

  [Ahmadinejad & Abdullah]

DRUDGE REPORT BREAKING  ~ Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah meets with Iran’s Ahmadinejad in Saudi meting [see above] as Iran says ” Israel’s existing is an insult to all humanity”…..with Ahmadinejad in speech announing that ‘Israel will soon be destroyed!’  ……………………….

  [YnetNews Israel]

YnetNews Israel  ~ Iran Announcing the End of Israel is near and that Tumor Israel will be Removed from Humanity……………………..


DEBKAfile Report Breaking ~ Obama initiates September meeting with Netanyahu to renew Iran dialogue. Obama meeting in September with Netanyahu so Obama can place understanding back on course, according to Washington sources…..! DEBKA BREAKING REPORT ~ Obama now considers Spring, 2013 attack on Iran….??????

  [Egypt Sinai Tanks]

YnetNews Israel Breaking  ~ Israel reports Egypt has broken the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty by moving Egyptian Army tanks in the Siani after the Muslim Brotherhood coup over the military in Cairo…………………………

  [Morsi in Egypt]

Times of Israel  ~ Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in control in Cairo after coup on military and reports of anti-Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood journalists being rounded up and taken into custody………………………

  [Obama’s America]

DINESH D’SOUZA NEW BOOK “Obama’s America, unmaking the American dream” and film just out: “Obama’s America 2016” with trailer, from the producer of Schindler’s List…………….

  [Falling Skies TNT Series]

FALLING SKIES TNT SERIES  ~ Sunday nights Falling Skies ended with an alien left curve being thrown into the mix…..MORE LATER!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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11 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ August 21, 2012

  1. Tony says:

    Any audio you do with Stewart, Augesto, I will listen to many times to get the full info out of. Recent one with you, Augusto, Dan, Dorthy talking about chemtrails and blood in the air, and the reason why. I got it. Chum!! Thanks for your work and God Bless.

  2. Marksman says:

    Well done, Larry. Glad to have your blog posts in addition to the email updates. Thanks for all you do to keep people informed about the breaking prophetic news. Keep on watching and commenting. God bless you and Darnette.

  3. Dolores says:

    Great blog, as always, Larry! It looks like the powers that be are chomping at the bit to start WWIII with Israel. What they haven’t bargained on is Israel’s God!!!
    There’s been a “fall feel” in the air here for about a week now. Plant life gave up long ago. A hummingbird visited a wreath on our back door, thinking the artificial flowers would give nectar. There have been few to no flowers this year. Being the sucker that I am, I got a hummingbird feeder. The little guy/girl visits daily and gives us a flyby, as if to say thanks.
    Fall has always been my favorite season, but this year a righteous dread is in me. Am praying for Larry and ALL of God’s watchman, and the Lord’s people everywhere. As Rick Wiles said back in May, 2012: ” brace for impact”…………..In a day or two I hope to visit a local orchard to buy what fruit there is for canning/dehydrating. Hope everyone is in “preparedness mode”.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~~ Yes! Had a dream last night that people were fleeing fires in U.S. and one
      that had fled the fires said they had to cross 2 time zones in U.S. to get away from the
      fires…! I was praying & crying for God’s people in the dream, Tuesday AM, about 5am.
      ‘brace for impact’ probably sooooooo….
      Larry Taylor

  4. Larry
    Thank you , enjoyed the information . Great blog as always……..

  5. Mariel Strauss says:

    What time for Darnette’s show?

    Me too always looking for Stewart-Larry show. And loved the show with Dorothy. I guess I should not say I loved it, as it’s all about what is being perpetrated. But it serves as antidote to the untruths in our culture. And antidote to scoffing and Wizard of Oz life of family members. I am so alone here, even the fundamentalist churches don’t teach prophecy, I find–I have been looking for one that does. Still looking. Not that I need them for teaching–I have that online–but I need 3D fellowship too. Too much alone with those who do not understand.

  6. prodigal101 says:

    larry – give us a call. we need to speak with you. Marzulli can give us a decent reference if you need one . . .


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