Larry Taylor Blog ~ September 4, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  September  4,  2012   {tuesday}

  [Soho 08/31 Image]

Recently, incredible sun activity not posted by Space Weather, but sent me from friend, image from August 31, 2012 [above] explosion on the sun. The heat is ON again in the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway with temps of 107-110F + and UV at 10+ with no relief. The drought in the midwest was not helped by Hurricane Isaac but Louisiana & Mississippi was flooded. It is so hot in this area that many people are sick with heat…!

  [Space Weather]

SPACE WEATHER NEWS  ~ Recent, September 3 CME impact [above image] caused activity over Whitehouse in the Yukon Territory, image taken by Jonathan Tucker. Earth geomagnetic storm with Kp=6 RED STORM…………

  [Mystery of Inquity Blog]

MYSTERY OF THE INQUITY BLOG  ~ “Mainstream Media” 50 Years of Darkness! [see above image] Writer says,” Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by God, and will triumph over all opposition” Also an expose’ on Lady Gaga & Dark Perfume! CAUTION: ‘stark images’ look after prayer!

  [Darnette’s Corner]

Darnette Taylor & Dorothy Crothers discuss indian myths, current events this evening, Tuesday, September 4, 2012 on Blog Talk Radio with possible guests during the show. Permanent LINK for show  begins 6pm Central, 7pm Eastern……………………………..

  [Brad Thor]

BRAD THOR  ~ Author, Brad  Thor, discusses what a terror nuke attack would look like on FOX ’24’!  ………………..

  [Chuck Norris]

BREITBART NEWS  ~ Chuck Norris threatens 1,000 years of ‘darkness’ if Obama wins! Adding: “our country & freedom under attack!” {video} available: ……………………..

  [Antarctica Pyramid]

REPORT: Man Made Ancient Pyramids Found on Antarctica [see above image] data from Science Ray ………………..

  [Michael Duncan]

Mainstream Media ~ reporting the death of actor, Michael Clark Duncan, at the age of 54. And the star of “The Green Mile” was hospitalized after a July heart attack, reported by AP…..

  [Wyvern, the movie]

Tinsel Korey  ~ Tinsel Korey acted in old movie entitled: WYVERN and has wording “Return of Ancient Evil”…………is that possible? WYVERN is available from Amazon  …………….

  [Daniel Holdings]

TALKED with Daniel Holdings, author  on Monday, September 3, and he is getting closer to completion of the new sequel novel, to his book: “Three Days in the Belly of the Beast” ~ which is available on Amazon  as Kindle edition or paperback novel…….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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13 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ September 4, 2012

  1. Mariel Strauss says:

    I wish you had air conditioning, Larry.

  2. mumsiesmoments says:

    Look forward to Daniel’s new book. I couldn’t put the last one down and gained a lot of insight from it too. Will download Darnette’s interview tomorrow. Thanks Larry.
    Pam UK

  3. Dolores says:

    You never cease to amaze me, Larry! Each blog is more power-packed than the last. I wish more people would visit and leave a comment. Everyone needs encouragement once in a while.

    I hope everyone got a chance to listen to last night’s trunews. Nathan Leal and Augusto Perez are a dynamic duo. They had very sobering information everyone needs to hear and pray about. It would be a blessing if Larry could be a guest on the show……………..

  4. Lynn Williams says:

    Thanks Larry for all the great info again. Some days I have trouble keeping up with you!!
    Much appreciated as always.
    Lynn in NZ

  5. TAN says:

    Larry Taylor, I enjoy your talks with Stewart Best. I will be careful on this one, but you are the only person I have heard that would tell the truth on this matter. Since no one has found a marriage certificate between Ann Dunham and Barak Obama, then by defintion that would make obama a B_st–d. S Best had a recent biblical verse on this topic. And it was very upseting to me, not against either of you, but because this is common practice today and it worries me to see the potential for so many lost souls

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Tan ~~~~ Yes it is so sad, so many lost souls & the world & most of the church, just
      plays on…! From what I’ve heard research on O is resisted, but almost everything
      O presents is BOGUS!
      Larry Taylor

    • Dolores says:

      “O’s” alleged “parents” don’t even look like him!! Who IS the person occupying our highest office? Where did he come from? Whether he’s a B_st–d or not is the least of our trouble at this point!!!! The next war may be viewed outside our windows this time. Talk about lost souls!!! Horrible!!!

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