Larry Taylor Photo ~ October 20, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  PHOTO  ~  October  20,  2012   {saturday}

  [Oklahoma Sky]


OK, this unknown craft [see image above] came over my deck in the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway on Wednesday night about 11:00pm, October 17, 2012……….!

I was only able to take this 1 image of the silent craft as it slid thru the sky above me and used my digital camera. This is a very interesting image of the craft I saw about 11pm which was moving silently from the southeast somewhat northward.

I am still receiving reports from others of anomalous electromagnetic activity in the U.S. midwest region and especially here in the Oklahoma/Arkansas area. Received an email from Dolores today with map of same area with HAARP readings!

Anyway, when I was able again to upload a photo onto my Blogs after 3 days trouble, thought I’d send the photo image of the strange craft on October 17th night here!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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22 Responses to Larry Taylor Photo ~ October 20, 2012

  1. Larry,
    More proof, here we go into the future …..

  2. Ciudad Juarez reported sky anomalies as well on 19th over El Paso. Anomalous objects in triangulation over Fort Bliss. Video is here

  3. jim says:

    hey larry the picture is cool. you got a quiet and dark place up there on top of the mountain. stay safe. jim

  4. Tom Mack says:

    It looks like a Rhombulan ship from the various Star Trek series and movies. Send me the original and I will see if I can blow it up. The picture may have more stories to tell.

  5. issacsgma says:

    Larry I clicked on the photo and it enlarged it looked alive to me.Strange times we are living in my friend

  6. Pam says:

    Hawk talked about strange crafts over Eastern KS on Thursday night Survive to Thrive I believe.

  7. Roxy says:

    That thing has a shape like a head of some sort. Very bizarre. Two that I seen in broad day light a couple years back were oval/ round shape. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Steve says:

    Thanks for posting the photo Larry.

  9. Dolores says:

    Never seen anything like that object. Halloween is almost here. ( I don’t condone, or celebrate Halloween in any way, shape, or form.) My first thought was that the object looks like a witch’s hat floating aloft. Strange days upon us…………………….Plead the Blood of Jesus over friends, and loved ones, as who knows what other strange craft are out there?!

  10. linda says:

    Larry did you see Steve Quayle’s emergency report posted this morning?????????????
    Linda J.

  11. Wayne Warmack says:

    Larry, I opened your UFO photo with paint.NET (free download, handier than a shirt pocket), cropped it, blowed the sucker up to about 1200 x 1200 pixels, adjusted brightness and contrast, and sharpened it as much as I could. Tweeked copy is attached. Mighty odd-lookin critter.

    Wayne (with Sandy) Warmack Rogers ARK

    Greater Works Ministriesunder John G. Lake’sInternational Apostolic Council


    Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2012 03:17:30 +0000 To:

  12. fireofgod says:

    I posted the other nite when the pic went up on reply to Darnette and for some reason it “went to moderation” and has never showed up.
    Anyways~ thanks for the photo Larry…hope the enlargement can be posted.
    If anyone needs a lift check out the prophetic postings(3 links) @ the bottom of today’s news (10-22) over @
    God is ramping up on much secret work in His people.And if you feel frazzled (I have for a couple days now) it’s just b/c things are moving quite fast and maybe it’s a type of re-adjustment and infilling.
    Be blessed family of the living God~ winds

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