Larry Taylor Blog ~ October 27, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  October  27,  2012   {saturday}

  [Space Weather]

SPACE WEATHER NEWS ~ “Comet in Trouble ?” recent comet 168P/Hergenrother [see above images] began on October 1st, suddenly brightened 500 fold, from 15th mag. to 8th mag.

  [Larry Taylor]

LARRY TAYLOR ~ photo of unknown object/craft over Oklahoma Mountain Gateway night of October 17, about 11:00pm [see above image] object was silent, made no noise coming from southeast to northward direction. {photo by Larry Taylor}…….

  [Object Enhanced]

A friend in cyberspace enhanced the image [above] of the Larry Taylor photo and sent to Larry by email. Interesting craft configuration……………….???

  [Kentucky UFO]

Huffington Post UFO Report  ~ Recent image photo [above] from HP on cylinder-type UFO video-taped over Pikeville, Kentucky by amateur astronomer Allen Epling on October 16, 2012…………………………………

  [Cylinder Object]

This is an image [above] of photographed cylinder-type object sighted by airplane over the Mojave Desert in 1985.

  [Drawing by Darnette]

The image [above] is a drawing of the personal sighting of 2 cylinder-like craft by Darnette Taylor just outside Hugo, Oklahoma. Both Larry Taylor & Darnette Taylor observed these 2 silent cylinder-type craft low in he sky over Hugo, Oklahoma………………………..

  [Moon Craft]

This image [above] reportedly photographed original on the moon as crashed ancient craft with 2 other smaller craft. Story can be found on Gary Vey website ……………………………

  [Deyo Image]

Deyo 24 News  ~ Boeing Missile Fires High-Powered Microwave at 2-story building [above image] knocks out computers & other electrical devices. Story from The Blaze News  or DEYO website ……

  [Accuweather Radar]

Deyo 24 News  ~ 3-D Radar of Mystery Object that hit Louisiana [see image above] from Accuweather …………….

  [Accuweather Radar]

Deyo 24 News  ~ Louisiana radar image [above] of strike of mystery object in Louisiana. There was also a report of bunker explosion in Webster Parish, Louisiana that night. Shreveport, Louisiana radar ‘large-flash’ image captured by Accuweather News……………………………

  [Team 24]

Larry’s “team 24” members [above] trying to figure out what Larry Taylor might write about in the next BLOG  ………………………….?

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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10 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ October 27, 2012

  1. Larry,
    Great Blog!!!!!!!!! Lots of _UFO’s. Interesting that we are seeing more things in the atmosphere …………thank you……….

  2. Dolores says:

    There certainly is a “high strangeness” in the airspace around us these days. About ten years ago we saw one of those cylinder craft hovering over our area for hours. We also noted a helicopter kept circling it. Seems like the veil is lifting, so we had better be prepared to see more and more UFO’s.
    Am getting ready for the highly touted “frankenstorm”. Our area is in the “cone of possibility” for the eye to pass directly overhead. We received a “red alert” robo call last night from MEMA concerning the storm. The county is giving out sandbags, and preparing for the worse. We are surrounded by rivers. I thank the Lord that we are 200 feet above sea level. A nation that turns it’s back on God is turned into hell. Hell is coming…………………..Prayers for the Lord’s people are greatly needed, and appreciated.

  3. Whereveryougothereyouare says:

    Pray for Augusto. Isn’t he down in Cuba right now, just as Frankenstorm Sandy passed over? Here’s a thought: never had a problem with my facebook account until a couple of days ago, when I posted a comment containing the term “nephilim.” Since then, it’s been nothing but closed browsers immediately after opening my facebook page…hmmm?

    • windsofchange says:

      yes quite” interesante” as they say…and “they” all fall down ~
      I just got a great newsletter from Augusto with a wonderful PDF that encouraged me today.I think he is home tho.
      Here is an encouragement for you~ (and all of us really)
      ” where ever you go HE is there” ( :
      Hope today’s posts w/ work~last 2 haven’t~

  4. jim says:

    hey larry, enjoyed the ufo’s and the one you saw. u got the best place to spot something like that on top of that mountain. no city lights to interfere with your view of the sky. i had to leave the mountains this morning on business. it was great to visit with you, the home grown peppers u brought to cabin went good with the beans and cornbread. we enjoyed your stories and telling you our hunting stories. later your friend jim

  5. Logan says:

    Larry, isn’t this large increase in UFO sightings due to both CERN and Satanists opening portals and other evil workings? This seems to be Stage One of the Veil thinning, next phase they likely won’t even need these craft to enter our dimension.

    Wherever, you need to get off Facebook permanently, Twitter too, Quayle and others keep recommending this.

    • Whereveryougothereyouare says:

      You are on to something about portals opening. Listen to Nathan Leal’s excellent commentaries on the London Summer Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony as portal-opening ritual…

  6. windsofchange says:

    Just fab. pics Larry! That enlargement is wild.I am going to show it around.Bless you for being you!

    Let’s keep speaking the name above all names and pleading His Blood over everyone in the family of Christ,our homes, and this nation.
    Protection,Courage,Strength,Discernment,Loyalty and Hope for the End Time Church… amen~

  7. Kim L. from New York says:

    Thanks for another great blog Larry. Appreciate those intercessory prayers too brother as we’ve battened down the hatches and have things ready for the big storm. Must confess that my weaker side would really love my beloved to come for His bride before it hits, but I’ve canvassed the neighbors, many of whom are not believers, and am ready to open my doors to them should the need arise. It makes for an amazing opportunity to share the gospel as we offer food and water to those less prepared. I was very sad to hear that no one in my church had thought of this as an opportunity. Please pray dear brothers and sisters who are clear of the East Coast, that we might stay firm in our faith and be ready to serve those who might still receive God’s Gift of Eternal Life. God bless us all! Kim from South Central New York

    • Dolores says:

      Amen, Kim! I’m in the upper Delmarva area of Maryland. Looks like Sandy, though unwelcome, is ready to pay us a direct hit, as we are in the line of projected track. I’m amazed at how few folk’s are taking this seriously. The Lord saved us from fire several years ago, so I trust he’ll see us through this too. Still, prayers for the northeast are greatly appreciated. As you said, we may have a great chance to witness for the Lord.

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