Larry Taylor Notice ~ November 12, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  NOTICE  ~  November  12,  2012   {monday}


Well, had intended to write a full blog today, Monday, November 12, 2012 ~ but there were concerns with ‘internet connectivity’ all morning, so just posted to Yahoo Group as was possible.

I’ve also been contacted by other blog folks who are trying to post certain types of ‘politically incorrect’ data & truth, but are hindered daily in their blogs & posts..? So, it’s not just me……………………….

Q-Alert for Nov. 12 ~  from Steve Quayle on computer troubles & censorship of internet….!

Daniel Holdings will be the guest on Curtner & Kerr Radio this evening at 5:00pm Eastern, 4:00pm Central  and check Daniel’s website at  …………………………………, Monday, Nov. 12th

NOTE: situation in the Middle East with Israel is very HOT right now…….! Keep watching this region……………………..

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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10 Responses to Larry Taylor Notice ~ November 12, 2012

  1. Gaby says:

    Thanks Larry for continuing to plug along, in spite of the obstacles. You are so right about the Israel-Middle East situation getting really HOT. Another thing I have noticed is the increasing amount of large earthquakes. Several above 6, as well as many above 5 and 4. Seems like after the election, we entered a new period of ramping up of events. Praying for you and Darnette and all the watchmen, as well as all of God’s people for His protection in these perilous times. Bless you,


    • Dolores says:

      I was thinking the same things that you mentioned, Gaby! Wonder if the increase in major earthquake activity since the election is, as mentioned in scripture, “hell enlarging itself”? Am expecting a major war to erupt at any time in Israel. When it does, will we be safe from “collateral damage”? Probably not this time, as the hand of God has departed from us, and rightly so, the way we acted last week………………Thanks for all of your hard work, Larry! I really appreciate it. Shalom, Dolores

  2. John Sadddington says:

    The Obama “truth squads” (internet censorship) are in full attack now, which you’ve already been experiencing for months. I agree that ‘zero’ will unleash everything in the next four years, not that we’ll be around to experience all of this, I figure we’ll either be raptured or rounded up. All I can do is put my full faith and trust in Jesus and lean on Him for whatever He has in store for me. Keep trying, my friend, we appreciate all that you do.


  3. Marksman says:

    Keep on keeping on, Larry! Thanks for your perseverance, an example to the saints in these end days.

  4. Michael V says:

    Larry, here we are a whole week after the election and I’m still feeling terribly despondent even thought I have always thought for last 18 months the libs would win, except for a momentary lapse of reason and wishful thinking when I dared imagine Romney might win , purely based off of the massive turn outs for he and Ryan. Even so, I still can’t get my head around just what a whopping it was! Not only that but that so many liberally minded amendments passed. I feel God is not pleased with this culture of death, corruption and so on and will (if not already) completed move his hand of protection to bring down the high and proud who mock God, hinking that better days are ahead, all the while feeling a dependency on our creator is not needed and is in fact to be disdained. Dark days lay ahead, Larry.

    What also astounds me is how the conservative political pundits like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck who continually warned this was our “last” chance and here was THE make or break election where if we lost it was over, BUT not they go on about how to ramp up for next election as if it was no big deal and there will be an economy still to recover! They should pack up shop. None of the punditry did anything. It is truly over. Our current situ is unsustainable and collapse in every manner is coming. America as we know it is lost.

  5. Elaine says:

    And …..every time I go to Trunews, Quayle, Deyo’s, or here to your blog and then try to go to any other sites except MSN or facebook (which I just have because it is a free business page and I can’t afford a website) I get a “broadband service not available” window for at least a few minutes unless I try MSN or facebook????? Duh, tell me they are not controlling things! They just don’t want us going back and forth to share with the other truth tellers! They want us on their hamster run between bread and circuses.
    God bless ya Larry! You just keep going.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Elaine ~~~~ Yes, internet troubles/censorship by design, heard yesterday Quayle was
      hit & lost all his computers & $thousands in equipment. Hagmann saying shows being
      hit. It’s getting rough guys….! Middle East just “sparked” in Israel with Hamas firing the
      Fajr-5 long-range missiles at Tel Aviv. Real trouble now, changes the rules!!!!
      Larry Taylor

      • Elaine says:

        And as incredible as it may seem….(wink wink) I wrote my comment on my shop computer that is tied to the same yahoo account as this one at home but when I tried to turn my home laptop on… was set on hibernate, not off…..I couldn’t get a screen to come up and it took me over half an hour to reboot! It is an adventure!
        I really think it is because of what I read and also watch Glenn Beck on it. Funny, but I also get him on Dish TV so it was very interesting that I could not get online until the very minute he had finished a very well done piece on what is happening in Israel! Coincidence? Paranoia? Hmmmmm, I can hardly wait for Hawk, Hagmanns and Marzulli tonight! That oughta keep ’em busy! Just love you Larry and Darnette!

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