Larry Taylor Blog ~ December 19, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  December  19,  2012   {wednesday}


CURTNER & KERR RADIO  ~  Today, Wednesday, December 19, 2012 with special guest: AUGUSTO PEREZ beginning at 7:30pm Eastern, 6:30pm Central, 4:30pm Pacific…..Augusto discussing ‘important information’ to have before 12-21-2012….! With Larry Taylor chiming in with comments, etc……..Permanent Link ………………………………..

thumbnailCATW71CF   [Augusto Perez]

AUGUSTO PEREZ  returns from mission trip outside U.S. with new VISION experience and words for the Body of Christ….! Augusto’s website  and listen to Curtner & Kerr tonight  ……..

MaryLynnRajs_Grant_9581697  [Mary Lynn Rajskub]

Mary Lynn Rajskub [above] acted as Chloe O’Brien on Fox’s “24” shows with Jack Bauer says, “we’ve already had a black president and his name was David Palmer [24]……….”

Ad3363477St1Sz170Sq21852249V1Id2  [Glenn Beck]

Glenn Beck’s new novel “Agenda 21”  out in Wal-Marts, at Amazon  & other book stores…………………………………

chaosjpg  [Sarah Menet’s Vision]

Sarah Menet’s “Vision of the Last Days”  ~  America Invaded, Bio Attack, Solar Flare Fire, WWIII & More  if still working………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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5 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ December 19, 2012

  1. Dolores says:

    Thanks, Larry, for this wonderful blog! Looking forward to tonight’s Curtner and Kerr show and what you and Augusto have to share. Will to listen to the youtube “Vision of the Last Days”. Is it just me, or is this holiday season the bleakest, most dark ever? At times, it’s hard not to want to cry. A spirit of dark, evil, oppression permeates the land. Few seem to feel it……………………I plead the Blood of Jesus over all who are the Lord’s.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~~ Hope you enjoyed the show, was an unusual one indeed..! And Augusto
      explained his recent dream/vision experience & the Destroyer…!
      Larry Taylor

      • Dolores says:

        That was a wonderful show – full of information that everyone needs to hear. I guess most are too busy though……………..Shalom,

  2. hesthelamb says:

    One word for this radio show for Larry and Augusto Perez: AMAZING !!!! (Emphasis) Glory to the Lord Yeshua ha Maschia!

    This is amazing to hear some people saying exactly what we say (our Ministry is Pleins Feux Sur l’Heure Juste ) and think based on extensives years of research. In other words, we are several Christians / Eschatologists to say the same things about the end of DAYS (not the end of the world) BUT based on totaly different researches. So we have: same conclusion out of different approaches !

    Did you know that during the UN general assembly of Nov 29th 2012 and regarding the question of Palestine, ALL SPEAKERS, EVERYONE that SPOKE DURING THAT MEETING PROCLAIMED the ”Peace and Security” sentence as prophecied in 1 Thessalonians 5 : 3 ?

    We made a video about it (link to it will be given below this post). What we did is we listened to all available videos of November 29th 2012 meeting on the official UN’s website (total duration of 6 or 7 hours), and we extracted each moment where all speakers pronounced these words of ” Peace and Security ”. WE WERE ASTOUNED TO DISCOVERED THAT 100 % OF THEM SAID ”PEACE AND SECURITY” at one moment of their speak or another !!!

    This OFFICIALLYfulfiled Zacharia 12 : 3 : ” And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it ”.

    Now, there is no countries ANYMORE IN THIS WORLD that could stand UP their innocence before the Son Of God and say : ”Lord, we were not against you and your people in Jerusalem and in Israel ! ”

    And not only that, but EVERY HUMAN BEING IN THSI WORD HAS WITNESSED THIS AND NOBODY SAYS ANY WORDS to defend Isreal, but real (and few) Christians.

    Gentlemen, all nations assembled during that day ALSO pronounced lies about Israel, making her (Israel) to look like a genocidal nation killing children just for pleasure, AND NO ONE SAID ANYTHING AGAINST IT, NO ONE (present at this meeting)!

    Zacharia 12 : 3 fulfiled and the ” Peace and Security ” of Thessalonians 5 : 3 is FULFIL AS WELL. IT HAS BEEN DONE DURING THAT DAY OF NOVEMBER 29TH 2012.

    ” For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape…”

    I have to say that i have been personnaly working on this topic of the Destroyer, and i can testify that every single point mention during this radio show mentionned by Augusto is CORRECT, ACCURATE and REAL. Not only that, but Augusto stressed the poin that now our sun has cross the galactic equator, we are now in transit to a new age :

    Kolbrin text excerpt from the book of Manuscript :

    Men forget the days of the Destroyer. Only the wise (Augusto must be one the of wise) know where it went and that it will return in its appointed hour.
    NOTE: The appointed HOUR, i have never seen one hour more discussed than this 11:11 of December 21st 2012 !!!!

    It raged across the Heavens in the days of wrath, and this was its likeness: It was as a billowing cloud of smoke enwrapped in a ruddy glow, not distinguishable in joint or limb. Its mouth was an abyss from which came flame, smoke and hot cinders.

    When ages pass, certain laws operate upon the stars in the Heavens. Their ways change, there is movement and restlessness, they are no longer constant and a great light appears redly in the skies.

    NOTE: ” When the ages pass ”, in addition to ”The appointed hour ” gives more credential to the ancient warning as on December 21st 2012, we have officially started the ” DAWN OF A NEW AGE ”

    When blood drops upon the Earth , the Destroyer will appear and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land and seas will boil.

    NOTE: Almost all of these signs are already PRESENT : Forest fires world wide, lakes disapearing overnight, mass death of animals…

    The Heavens will burn brightly and redly, there will be a copper hue over the face of the land,
    followed by a day of darkness. A new moon will appear and break up and fall.
    The people will scatter in madness.

    NOTE : ”A new moon will appear and break up ” means there will have a physical pole shift!

    They will hear the trumpet and battle cry of the Destroyer and will seek refuge in the den in the Earth. Terror will eat away their hearts and their courage will flow from them like water
    from a broken pitcher.

    NOTE: These RUMBLINGS heard world wide really sounds like trumpets and sometime, like high frequency crying !!! What our goverment do presently ? They really are going in underground facilities !

    They will be eaten up in the flames of wrath and consumed by the breath of the

    Thus in the Days of Heavenly Wrath, which have gone, and thus it will be in the Days of Doom when it comes again. The times of its coming and going are known unto the wise. These are the signs and times which shall precede the Destroyer’s return


    So, congradulations Larry and Augusto, you are right, THE DESTROYER IS AT HAND !!!!


  3. hesthelamb says:

    Link to the video on ”Peace and Security ” here :

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