Larry Taylor Blog ~ December 26, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  December  26,  2012   {wednesday}

radDec25pmjpg  [Local Doppler]

OK, guys ~  December 25, 2012 this storm hit the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway full force with strong winds for 24 hours, sleet, ice, heavy snow & socked me in…! [see above] So I lost electricity & internet, then phones went bonkers…! So, I’ve been down for a while trying to feed & water animals in 2 foot drifts of snow….! I sure did use that fireplace for some heat as everything else was out! Been down a while and will try to post tomorrow if possible…….!


Sorry you guys have seen this [see above] so much lately, but that’s the best I can try to do is come back after each [numerous it seems] setback….!

AND ‘thanks’ to all those hoping I had a good Christmas, but it was lonesome without my wife, who was away working….! I managed, but difficult when even the phones don’t work as this storm event caused…..! But I did manage to put another log on the fire every once & a while to keep warmth!

I’ll try to get some posting done this evening, Wednesday, December 26th & get back on better schedule tomorrow….?????????????

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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13 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ December 26, 2012

  1. Whereveryougothereyouare says:

    That same storm system is now howling in and pounding eastern Pennsylvania. Need to travel to NYC tomorrow, but looks like I am going to have to stay holed up in PA for another 24+ hours and will attempt the trip on Friday…This storm is throwing a lot of folks for a loop!

    • larrywtaylor says:

      WEYGTYA ~~~~ Yes, really rough storm system, knocked us for a loop here! Saw
      chemtrail activity for 2 weeks, heavy, daily, just before this hit!
      Larry Taylor

      • Whereveryougothereyouare says:

        Yeah, the chemtrails, HAARP, CERN,, all of it no doubt related — and nefariously so…Add to the mix the US and Russia practicing and perfecting weather-warfare techniques on each other. It reminds me of that children’s Christmas special called A Year Without a Santa Claus where the stepbrothers Heat Miser and Snow Miser battle each other for control of the weather! (If you’ve never seen this, you really ought to! 🙂 We end up with freakish storms like Hurricane Sandy and this present storm–what are they calling it Euclid or some such?

  2. jim says:

    hey larry, that is the prettiest mountain up there. u got the best view looking down on the tops of several mountains. one thing about it u got an endless supply of firewood. u do get more snow than any of your faraway neighbors, cause u right up there in the snow clouds, lol. we got about 5 ins. down south of you in the flatlands. take care and keep a fire going. your friend jim

  3. Kim L. from New York says:

    Larry I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been roughin’ it up on the mountain. Bad enough to be without basic necessities at Christmas, but no wife either…that’s REALLY roughin’ it! Praying you are both safe and well and can be reunited soon. We’re getting buried tonight here in the Twin Tiers of the Southern Tier in NY. Expecting 12-18 inches by morning with bad winds. Been asking the blood of Jesus on our valley to protect the power lines – we are electric here and have no fireplace (and I’m a single mom with 2 young autistic adults and a senior in high school to watch over). The bigger problem here is the dramatic and quick change of the hearts of man this Christmas season. Non-believers have suddenly turned VERY mean and evil…took a real pounding from my boss today. Hoping to hear those trumpets soon brother….God bless you all and give you Peace.

  4. regeniamorgan says:

    happy holidays to you and yours..your continuing outreach has meant so much..opening a email from you and stewart comes in only second best to listening to you both on lightgate. better than any present i can recieve. shalom

  5. R says:

    Anyone notice the cirlce around the moon this evening. It is very stiil outside. I am located in central Oklahoma. Took my dog out a few minutes ago, looked up and saw this circle around the moon. Wondered if there is any significance to it??? Chem trails have been busy in this area over the past weeks also.

  6. Wayne Warmack says:

    Congratulations on your melodramatic weather event, Larry! Up here in Benton County (northwest Arkansas) we didn’t get so much as a drop of rain, just real cold.Be blessed, and the Lord Jesus warm and protect you and yours.

    Wayne (with Sandy) Warmack Rogers ARK

    Greater Works Ministriesunder John G. Lake’sInternational Apostolic Council


    Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 00:26:07 +0000 To:

    • Mariel Strauss says:

      Wayne I like your list of Nobility, Obscurity, Poverty, Truth, Beauty, Quietude. Especially that last one. This noisy time of year (on Tv and so forth) Quietude sounds especially nice.

  7. Mariel Strauss says:

    Snow over ice has kept us careful in northern New Mexico, but no wind. The snow is light, but it makes travel treacherous. Not many people out and about.

  8. Larry,
    Thanks for hanging in. Love you.

  9. RockyMtnGal says:

    What’s been going on with the Louisiana sinkhole Larry? Any news on that? Seems creepy that the news is quiet about that especially since it can rattle the New Madrid if it keeps growing. Sounds like they want to downplay the severity and impact or its some big man made test /experiment gone awry! These sinkholes will not go away in 2013 it will only get worse. Who knows what’s underneath those big black holes, bottomless pit if you ask me. You can only dig so deep into the earths crust for oil !

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