Larry Taylor Blog ~ December 30, 2012

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  December  30,  2012   {sunday}

dungbeetlejpg  [Dung Beetle]

Even the “Dung Beetles” have gone into hibernation here at the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway this last week…! Terrible snow, sleet, ice hit this location with 2 foot drifts and the ‘long’ road to the place we live iced in, really iced in…!

Darnette tried to come home Friday night and lost control of her vehicle, hit a ditch and side of mountain road, about 1.5 miles downhill from the house. Got her home finally but car was stuck on rock/ice….!

Darnette was ok and got a wrecker to her car after 48 hours. He got it off rock/ice/ditch, but the ice so thick couldn’t bring it home. So, we park the car 1.5 miles downhill, close as we can drive & walk our foodstuffs up to house. Try not to slip on ice and fall…? Larry has fell once but is OK!

AND the temps won’t heat up enough to melt the ice! It just re-freezes, worse & slicker than ever each night. Really tough!

To make matters worse, man delivered some firewood week ago & instead of placing by the front door where told, put in shelter of shed downhill 100 yards away. So each armload of firewood has to be struggled up to house on ICE….!

Happy New Year……!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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30 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ December 30, 2012

  1. Glad to hear Darnette is okay Larry. Just recovering from a road accident myself. Thought I might be going home as I spun round!! We still have winds and rain here. I saw a lot of flooded fields on my journey north. I reckon the farmers are going to have a massive loss this year! Lots of mud on the roads where they are clear (hence my spinning out of control.) Praise God I was able to walk away. You’re all in our thoughts as always.

    • Pam
      Thank you for your prayers they were certainly needed . I was praying the other night. I was half way up hill when car started to slide back. I had a cliff on one side and ditch on the other. Car chose ditch and a rock.
      The rock kept the car from slideing further.
      Reminds me there is always safty on the rock.

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Pam, UK ~~~~ Thanks my friend, glad you’re ok!
      Larry Taylor

      • All things work together for good, for those who are called…..Praise God, my youngest son’s faith has now started to show new shoots after MUCH prayer on his behalf. Not only will he be moving nearer here in the new year, but he is now seeing that God is still in control and will work on their behalf too!
        That was worth the twirl into the hedgerow lol….God is moving in our family once more! I prayed His word where He promises to turn the hearts of the children back to the Father. God was more of a Father to my brood as they openly confess!
        Watch this space for more praise reports lol.
        Shalom guys.
        Happy New Year for tonight, may it be filled with many blessings and answers to prayers and His peace that passes all understanding.
        Pam UK

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Pam, UK ~~~~ Yes, have heard of UK’s bad weather lately! Glad you’re safe!
      Larry Taylor

  2. Elaine says:

    I am praying the 91st Psalm over all of you! If you remember, my son had a horrible 6 rollover accident and I truly believe it was those angels He sent that caught him and God who heard all the prayers for his miraculous healing!
    Happy new year!

  3. Deb P says:

    Thank God you guys ok. Glad Darnette home. You are in my prayers. Larry, any way you can utilize help of your dogs to pull some firewood so you wouldn’t have to carry? just a thought

  4. Kim L. from New York says:

    Dear Father please take good care of my brothers and sisters who are suffering under horrible weather situations. Give them food, heat, warm shelter and safety and protect them with the precious blood of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! Amen!!!!!

  5. Tony says:

    It’s the same in central arkansas, roads are clear but us on the backwoods just refreezing ice. Glad you are safe and hope not a lot of damage to your car. God Bless. Tony

    • Tony
      I’m safe car is ok. Not a dent the Rock saved me. Kept me from the cliff side. I liken the Rock to Jesus Chist.. Safty in the Rock Jesus . Thank you Darnette
      Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


    In His Service,


    Laurie Wallace
    Bond Servant of Jesus Christ

  7. Richard says:

    Hey Larry, long time silent listener of yours and Wiles, Quayle, Deyo, Hagmanns, Best, George Anne, and to numerous others to mention but I know you know them all and count as friends as I do all of you watchmen, though I may never meet you on this side of the end game. As a resident of western slope Colorado you are welcome for the weather. We are a sharing bunch out here. 🙂 So, be safe you two and as you say Larry, and I have for many years now, “keep looking up…”
    Blessing friend.

  8. Sadie says:

    Pam and Darnetta, glad you all are alright…and give Him all the praise for taking care of each one. We are living in the times that we must trust Him in everything. WE have done some slipping and sliding in KY also, my son in law almost ran out of the road with the baby in the truck with him but he was able to recover, thank God, as it was really slick here last night.
    Hello Miss are things in your area?

    God bless all

  9. Linda L. Gray says:

    So thankful that you made it safely home Darnette. Mountain living has it’s advantages and problems especially in the winter. Wouldn’t trade my mountain location even though it’s difficult to get to my mother’s home in a timely manner each day. Our road wasn’t plowed so I had to plow it with the car this morning. The road was almost drifted shut, but since I was already committed to task, I hit the gas pedal in order to keep from sliding into the culvert and up the snow bank. I probably should invest in some snow shoes or cross country ski’s as a backup mode of travel. Just wonder how the fiscal cliff is going to affect our local governments. Perhaps we all will have to be inventive and/or creative in the days ahead.

    Larry, I listened to your recent broadcast with Daniel and Augusto.There is so much information contained within that a second or third repeat is in order. Please tell Curtner & Kerr how much we appreciate their opening up the airwaves for the watchmen to broadcast to the remnant church. Shalom!

  10. Patricia Sanderholm says:

    Hard times are upon us!!!! We will have a storm here in Kansas starting tomorrow! Not too shocked at anything now days!! Glad everyone is ok! Praise God!! I too constantly pray Psalm 91 over all of us!!!! Getting ready here!!! Once again, thank you Larry & Darnette for all you do to keep us informed in these perilous times!!
    In His Precious Name,
    Pat S.

  11. Whereveryougothereyouare says:

    Try to throw some sand or salt down on the footpaths that you and Darnette take most often. Also, always try to have a bucket of sand and a shovel in the trunks of your vehicles, along with a blanket, extra socks and gloves, some food and water, a flashlight, etc. And, try to keep a fully charged cell phone on your person if you have to travel.

  12. Mariel Strauss says:

    Larry, I concur with Linda that Curtner and Kerr are doing an amazing job, Spirit guided. Best on the internet/radio, but don’t tell them or they might get a big head and go crazed. (kidding)

    Here in northern NM, I have simply avoided walking on the iced over areas. I can’t go see my grandkids play hockey on an open rink, because the viewing area is iced over and therefore hazardous. We have not had the terrible winds Larry has had. Just light snow over ice which doesn’t melt, which looks mild but is dangerous. Temps in the single digits at night.

    Thanks for Darnette’s safety in a very hazardous condition.

    Have a Spirit filled New Year, everyone. Be blessed. Mariel

  13. Dolores says:

    Thanks to the Lord for keeping Darnette safe during the treacherous ride home! Glory!! We finally got some snow, but worse here is the wind. Hope the two of you are able to enjoy a cozy night at home – especially after the 1 1/2 mile trek from car with grocerys. Lord have mercy! Looking forward to your next blogtalk radio guest spot. Shalom, and blessings to all in 2013. Dolores

  14. Gay says:

    Praying for you both! Winter weather is so treacherous! Rejoicing that He kept you safe upon the rock! A cliff on the other side???Oh my!!!! Bless you both and keep you safe up there! Thanks Larry for all the work keeping us informed!

  15. Gay says:

    PS Thank you Larry for the picture of the dung beetle! My husband has always told me about them and you would think growing up in Okla I would have seen one by now…but I haven’t!! Interesting little critter!

  16. jim says:

    hey larry, its hard to walk up that mountain road in dry weather. don’t know how in the world she made it with it covered with ice. once a concrete truck had to dump its load there cause it didn’t get a good enough run at it and stalled out. in dry weather. y’all be careful. your friend jim

    • Jim
      We have made several trips up and down the mountain. Larrys only fell down once. He did one trip in about 20 min with a duffel bag….pretty good for an old guy! But there was not any coffee at the depot……..Closed due to snow and Ice ……..

  17. windsofchange says:

    Amen to all the precious prayers spoken here.And also the thanks for the radio shows to and for us all out here.So glad to hear everyone is alright and it sure seems like the Lord is enabling us to not only “carry on “,but is renewing our strength even if in the natural it doesn’t always seem like it.I have great hope and conviction of healing and renewal and restoration for God’s people.As Augusto shares about the midnight hour and The Glory coming upon us it is is trickling in more and more each day, but I too have always seen a great tsunami/outpouring…whatever you want to call it.Yes, heads up folks…personally I have been waiting all my life w/ God (over 30 yrs.since BA) for this very thing to happen! I did not understand for many yrs.,but I do now! He is coming first to us (healing and restoration) then through us (harvest time:real signs and wonders and miracles) then we go to our real home(s)God will finish all He started~ Huzzah!!!
    Love to all to endure and great Peace to fulfill all of our mandates as the Body of Christ~

  18. windsofchange says:

    BTW ~ LA Marzulli has a great blog today… The Sunday Bun!!!

  19. Shirley says:

    Oooh, sounds terrible!…we used to have horses,Larry, and when we went to feed in the pasture, I used to throw a bale of hay on a plastic sled with an extra long rope and pull it out there. Age caused me to stop carrying, so I just pulled it, then…ta dah!, a sled! When your chance arrives, head I to town, down the kiddie isle, and grab yourself a wood hauling sled. Will probably cut your load travels in half. Instead of a few pieces at a time…load that puppy up and up to the house, unload and maybe take a ride back down to the shed!! Lol

  20. Gaby says:

    Darnette, I am so grateful to our Father for His protection of you, as well as of Larry and all of us. We have had a pretty good amount of snow, about a foot and a half on the ground and it is going to stay cold with nights in the single digits and might even have some below zero, highs mostly around 20. But we are pretty much used to that. We don’t get upset until it gets way below zero for an extended period of time. I don’t mind snow, but I sure feel for you having to deal with ice. That is so much more dangerous. Just glad you are OK. Be careful and may our Father continue to keep you safe. Thanks for letting us know what’s going on with you.

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