Larry Taylor Blog ~ January 12, 2013

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  January  12,  2013   {saturday}

130107_cold_coming_map_225  [DEYO MAP]

DEYO 24 NEWS  ~  Beware 3rd week of January “Arctic Cold” coming into the U.S.  [see maps above] Very cold arctic temps heading into U.S. in the 3rd week of January  or DEYO ……………

DavisBunnbookjpg[Davis Bunn]

Reading a 1994 novel from T.Davis Bunn entitled “Riders of the Pale Horse” which is an incredible read with historical war-torn region of the Russian Steppes and beyond into the Middle East. Powerful novel in-depth with compassion in war-ripped region of the world! Only Davis Bunn could write this style novel. Insert nuclear threat & intrigue, mile by mile and you can’t put it down….! Davis Bunn’s works ……………

snapshotcylindersjpg  [Darnette Taylor]

Classic drawing by Darnette Taylor of the Taylor’s encounter with 2 cylinder UFO craft outside Hugo, Oklahoma few years ago. Larry Taylor got outside car and viewed the craft and Darnette stayed inside the car.  Darnette was sick for days after the encounter. Drawing [above] by Darnette Taylor. Recently saw another report of cylinder experience between Paris, Texas and Hugo, Oklahoma.

l_a_-marzulli-lecture-e1322853248110  [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. Marzulli Blog for January 12, 2013 ~ “RETRACTION” on January 11th blog post ref: Lamsa Bible data…..!

130111_HAARP_225  [Deyo 24 News]

Deyo 24 News  ~ HAARP STATUS  [see image above] for date January 11, 2013  ……………………………

9badrooftopt  [Brad Thor]

Brad Thor with exclusive novels on Middle East & the World including the powerful recent novel thriller “BLACK LIST” Brad in [above image] in the Middle East setting……………………..

ernst-s-expedition-in-syria-looking-for-giants  [Prof. Ernst Muldashev]

Prof. Ernst Muldashev in Syria on an expedition search for giants graveyard destroyed by muslims. Muldashev searching forbidden areas in Syria [above image] and finding giant footprints, more later!

AR1654-580x458sunspot  [Sunspot AR 1654]

Recent huge sunspot AR 1654 facing Earth this week and warnings from NOAA & Space Weather of possible Earth-directed flares ……….

watchers5program  [Watchers 5]

WATCHERS 5 interview {video} Prophecy in the News with guests L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw [see above image] with LINK  provided by my friend, Rick Shaw…………………………..Richard Shaw ………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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9 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ January 12, 2013

  1. Larry
    Thank you for doing this blog awesome. Great information especialy about Syria . Great work, the enimy fights those that serve the Lord…..

  2. Duane says:

    Larry – You always provide great info!!! Thanks. Also just finished listening to Doug Hagmann’s Friday night show with Quayle and a very high up banking insider nick named “V”. This interview has some very powerful insights into economic times and collapse. Ya might want to download and listen. THANKS AGAIN. Duane

  3. Dolores says:

    Great blog, Larry!!! Things are happening so fast now it makes one dizzy! That’s an incredible sunspot!! Earth is in trouble…………………Shalom, Dolores

  4. Randall says:

    outstanding as always.Thanks Larry for standing as a watchman,it is greatly appreciated!

  5. Mariel Strauss says:

    I look often at your link to Haarp status, but it doesn’t tell me much about what’s going on. It usually looks like Haarp activity is centered on California and spreads in much lower degree to where I live in New Mexico (in the nearly harmless range, according to the site). but they do not say where the instigation point is. Nor explain what might be the reason for this. I am totally lost as to what the so-called Haarp thing might be, after reading lots on it. I agree it exists, but what is its purpose?
    Larry, why did Darnette get sick from cylinders and you didn’t? Tough old bird? I got sick from the flu shot which I was talked in to taking last week. I am very susceptible to such things, probably like Darnette. I avoided the thimerisol shots (went to a doctor who had the flu shot without thimerisol) but still got very sick in several ways including confusion and depression.


  6. jim says:

    hey larry, if it werent for people like you we wouldnt know what all is happening. thanks for watching out for us. jim

  7. Steve says:

    Larry, I always enjoy talk shows that you are a part of. Your humor and knowledge really add to them. I always look forward to any shows with you and Stewart but havn’t been any for awhile. Keep up the good work and remember Galations 6:9 when it seems no one appreciates you.

  8. draculaagainstnwo says:

    larry while back ago i ran across this at seems they have some unusal video of something taking off that day in new york new york of pterasaurs who came between a hologram and a building and left a shadow the buidings were not hit by a airplane but something else end of this is what a famous scientist who was on with jesse ventura conpriracy theory
    but there is video of said pterasaurs taking off have to look in the index of that site it will be on the left hand side of the word implies saint using the 8 as a a in it
    then there is others on the same site that tells of pterasaurs being seen here in the new mexico to the dalls areas and el paso as well

    the weather here has gotten weird it rained a week ago all nite till morning not letting up
    permian basin area of lea county nm

    then you need to get on with pastor butch paugh soon randy knows him as so does la marzull and another guy who has the site known as echoes of enoch he has been on
    i told la or was russ dizdar while they were on taking questions that nite i told them about when i was young and dang that seems long ago to me since i just turned 61 dec 28 and on dec 29 my wifes aunt died in douglas az she was 86
    end of that comment but i told them what i was shown that the ufos are not et but terrestrial in orgin only and they have their bases in side of the earth in caverns all across the earth
    they agreed with me on that
    even though i live no more than 97 miles from eddy city aka carlsbad nm and 97 miles roswell nm
    and then the distance to Lubbock is the same as well coincidence or what
    now to conspiracy theory here that day of the so called murders of the children i am starting to doubt that for basic reasons 1 eric holder was in that state two weeks prior to that event and then the no video shown of what happened then there is the one where a small child saw a man on the floor and handcuffed face down there were others said seen two other men dressed in camos and got arrested but it is not n the news why
    then we have motormouth piers morgan pushing the gun ban agenda and gets his butt kicked by alex jones and jesse ventura and the marine and larry pratt !
    seems that piers is buddy buddies with nobama and his family and is wanted by the english police for hacking phones in england of some person

    then we have the cowsow from planet hell aka california the land of fruits and nutts who pushes her no gun ban and large clip ban then to nobama lets that moron his vp be n charge of studing ways to ban all guns

    in simple english for all any and all people who are elected are bonded servants under constitutional law and they are pushing this they are violating their fiduciary responsibility and can be brought up on treason charges for that since they violated the constitution and forfeited their legal rights to do anything and when they invoke privilege sorry but they dont have no such thing but are null void and should be banned from anything but being imprisoned for all time and forfeited their properties to the people (usa) for that crime of passion or what ever it is namely treason

  9. draculaagainstnwo says:

    sorry i did a typo

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