Larry Taylor Blog ~ February 27, 2013

1001068_1  [Larry Taylor]

Here at the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway, recently in snowstorms lull, sky cleared for short time and Larry Taylor was able to photograph silver object [see above image] in the portal area.

1001068  [Larry Taylor]

See the enlarged silver Object [above] which is enlarged from initial photograph. This was in the night sky portal area of Oklahoma Mountain Gateway, downloaded Feb. 27, 2013…

The portals around the world have been more active as we venture into 2013 and find reports increasing…………..

Program_Schedule_C&Kjpg  [Curtner & Kerr Radio]

Augusto Perez & Larry Taylor will guest with Thomas Curtner & Chris Kerr tonight, Wednesday, Feb. 27 on the Curtner & Kerr Radio Show beginning at 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central ~ Permanent LINK ……….

Curtner & Kerr Radio website: ………………………hhside225  [Hagmann & Hagmann]

Hagmann & Hagmann Radio Program “Operation Highjump” Warning with guests Steve Quayle & Greg Evenson on February 24, 2013 with permanent LINK ……………….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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4 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ February 27, 2013

  1. Ma77hew7 says:

    Looks like we have some common looking objects above our respective heads Larry.

  2. Danny Hailey says:

    Hey Larry, that photo looks like the same object you showed us a couple months back. I think ur being stalked. Lookin forward to hearing you on the show to-nite. Thanks for your post and all ur efforts.

  3. Dolores says:

    AWESOME photograph!!!! So much more going on than meets the eye. Also looking forward to your show tonight………………..

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