Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 9, 2013

rad_____-usarlit-en-20130309213000  [Local Radar]

Well, this Saturday, March 9, 2013 seems to be a strong storm system just west of me here at the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway, and coming this way….! What’s new..? Seems like it just absolutely storms all the time now. [see radar image above] Been some time since I’ve seen what I could call fair/good weather, but maybe that’s a thing of the past here in this USA ~ ?

Sorry for not blogging more & posting more, but the power is off every day or so and with the strong winds & storms it’s really difficult to do like normal folks…!

Lots happening around the world but there’s plenty of ballgames out there…! Every newspaper I read is chocked full of ballgames, foolish actors just being stupid at one level or another……! Entertaining indeed………………………………………….

I’ve had some productive prayer time though, except for getting more firewood off and on during the day! Cold at night here with heavy winds all the time……………….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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8 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 9, 2013

  1. jim says:

    hello larry, i look at all the postings u put out there. interesting reading. mr. bob and i plan to come to the mountain monday. come see us and we’ll build a fire in the old wood heater and swap stories. i’m ready to get this winter behind us. ready for spring. later jim

  2. Dolores says:

    SOOOOOO sick and tired of all the “entertainment news” while the country, and world, are going to hell at record pace. Here in the mid-Atlantic region today no one needs a coat or even a sweater. We had to turn the heat off, as it’s too warm. We were able to set a spell on our porch, even barefoot!!! This is not normal for early March!! Stink bugs are already coming out. Bad omen for spring and summer, as these bugs damage crops…………….Thanks for a great blog, Larry!
    Shalom, Dolores

    • El Gringo Steve says:

      Hey Dolores, I’m sick of the mindless drivel too. TPTB (the devils that are) need to keep the sheeple distracted from reality. It’s not going to be pretty when (if?) they’re rudely awakened from their slumber…

      Hey Larry, thank you for all the updates they’re most appreciated. P.S. No sooner than I finished emailing you yesterday, we got good little rain shower here.

      – Steve

  3. Tony says:

    Recent cool weather at night requires heating the homestead, I’m tired of cutting and splitting wood. Maby the storms will track away from you this spring. God Bless.

  4. Kim L. from New York says:

    Thanking God for word from you Brother Larry – been hoping and praying you were well and safe. The roller coaster ride is hitting its’ speed and we all need to cling tight to the “Rock of Ages”! God bless you and all the Bride!!!!!

  5. Larry
    Great blog as normal, getting ready. People need to be ready………D

  6. Hi Larry,
    Glad your OK. Boy can I relate to the firewood situation. You’ve been coming up in my thoughts so I knew needed prayer. BJ

  7. Mary Phillips says:

    Hi Larry, It’s strange weather alright. I live in Portage, Indiana and my tulips are springing up already. Not as cold as where you are. by the way on March 1, I was on my way to gym and i saw a drone file past my car. Could not beleive it! Blessings all….

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