Larry Taylor Blog ~ April 1, 2013

LARRY'S UFO  [Larry Taylor]

On occasion, I have photographed some very odd objects in night sky, over the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway. [see above enlarged photo]………………………..

Twisted Snake - Enhanced & Enlarged1  [Larry Taylor]

Another unknown object photographed over the Oklahoma night sky by Larry Taylor. [see above image enlarged]………………………………………..

UFO-Taylor_2x1-7  [Larry Taylor]

Another night sky object photographed over the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway by Larry Taylor. [see above image enlarged]………………………………………

deankoontzjpg  [Dean Koontz]

Dean Koontz replied in recent talk on his books, indicating that if he met aliens for the first time, he would suggest to them that while on Earth, they eat more FIBER…!  HA! Larry Taylor

Headshot-Colorized-For-Website-150x150  [Daniel Holdings]

Recently Larry Taylor discussed the 0 response to UFO PHOTOS by most people listening to radio shows, etc. with Daniel Holdings ~ AND Daniel said ‘they’re speechless’ and in many cases ‘denial attacks hit them’…………………………………….OK! Larry Taylor

PRESENT DAY…………………….

MarioValdes1jpg  [Mario Valdes UFO]

On March 31, 2013 Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory discussion of the 2007-2009 video footage of the Kamburgaz, Turkey UFO…! [see above still image] from the Mario Valdes, Santiago, Chile research analysis. The video of footage can be seen from Coast to Coast Link ……………..

NOTE: This bizarre UFO stills are somewhat similar to bizarre photos I get….Larry Taylor

MarioValdes3jpg  [Mario Valdes]

From Mario Valdes research on the Kamburgaz, Turkey UFO video file recently on Coast to Coast AM  on March 31, 2013 [see above reseach image] and YES, bizarre……….!

MarioValdes4jpg  [Mario Valdes]

Drawings by victim of Kamburgaz, Turkey UFOs [2007 thru 2009] researched & analysis by Mario Valdes in Santiago, Chile [see above image]……………..

DanielHoldingsAmazonjpg[Daniel Holdings]

AND ‘yes’ Daniel, this is so bizarre everyone needs a refill of ‘denial juice’, just 1 more for the road ~~~~ HA!

Daniel’s most recent fiction ‘techno-thriller’ entitled: “As The Darkness Falls” [see above] just night take you mind off the sky above ~~~~ well, maybe not! Daniel’s website is located at  and his books are also found at Amazon site ……………………………………..

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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16 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ April 1, 2013

  1. Larry
    Great photos and they really out there.
    Greys, Nephilim, or just weird Guys. Keep up the good work………

  2. jim says:

    hey larry, I’ve seen your photos and all of us at the cabin got to see one of those objects in the eastern sky at 5 a.m. one deerseason morning and u took a picture of it. I am glad u take the time to get a picture of all of them. sure makes for some good conversations around the old woodheater. jim

  3. Dolores says:

    Perhaps one of the reason’s Jesus told us to “look up” ( the first, of course, being redemption draweth nigh) was so we would stop drinking denial juice and know the truth about things “going bump in the night”. Remaining a doubter that something wicked this way comes could prove to be hazardous to one’s health…….Something is going to cause men’s hearts to fail from fear. It could be UFO/aliens coming into this dimension.

  4. Elaine says:

    Thanks as always, Larry! And what about UGLOs? (unidentified ground level objects)
    I am seeing more and more dark shapes that are just there and gone. One even had snow on it as it rose from the ground…..I said, “Oh, dear God” and it vanished but the snow fell from mid air! And at least a half dozen times I have seen a dark shape zoom past my window altoghether too fast for it to be a person or big animal. The direction is always from the east side of my bay window and there is a retaining wall just 10 feet away with no room to get up to such a speed. The shapes move about 3 times faster than the cars going down the road so I would guess they move about 50 to 75 MPH
    One night I got a still small voice telling me to anoint the doors with oil. Hmmm, I knew about the blood on the doorway during the plagues in Egypt but never oil. I did it.

    • toGodbetheglory says:

      Elaine, is there some way I can contact you? It’s pretty important.

      • Elaine says:

        go to the Hagmann and Hagmann show chat room at around 7:30 or 7:45 and scroll down to the chat room roster and click the little yellow/gold thing after misselainies and it should give you a window to do a private message. I will give you my email address if you are not comfortable there or space does not allow all you have to say!

      • toGodbetheglory says:

        Elaine, I’ve never done anything like that before and I’m not computer savy, I just need your email and will tell you the rest in private, if that’s ok with you. It has nothing to do with what you saw, but something else the Lord has laid on my heart.

      • Elaine says:

        Golly, I don’t know how to do it without putting my personal info on this public page but if it isn’t a big pain in the neck for Larry, I think he could give you my email address and this is my permission. But other than that….I just don’t know. I don’t supposed you are on facebook? If so, my name is Elaine Sutherland or you could go to Elaine’s Framing but that one is a public page and another person would get the private message too….I trust her completely but she might get confused. Sorry, I just don’t want to throw it out there in a place where I have no privacy settings!

      • toGodbetheglory says:

        Elaine, the Lord will help us. I’m working on something right now with a trusted friend who has a blog but if I don’t hear back from her before tonight, I’ll try the Hagmann thing. Either way, God will help us because He has a purpose in all this, and His plan will be accomplished.

      • Elaine says:

        It is very easy to do the private message on the Hagmann show chat….just follow those instructions and it will all make sense when you get there. And you may well like the show! I try to suggest they get Larry Taylor on…..maybe 2 of us would get them on that project! And you can remain anonymous if you don’t register a name you will just show up on the roster as a guest and then it is up to you to remember that I will be listed as misselainies!
        This works… fact, I connected with three other followers of Christ friends this way and two of them have even moved to my beautiful little city! Praise God…..we need to have a network of believers that we can communicate with when the free speech of these watchmen sites is squelched!.

  5. Roxy says:

    Not sure if you ever read the serio files. Take a look. Look familiar? Make sure to scroll down the page.

  6. Elaine says:

    I just love ya Larry!

  7. Lynn Williams says:

    Thanks Larry for another great blog, full of information we need to know. Thanks too for all your emails. I really appreciate the fact you keep going under such difficult circumstances at times.

  8. julia mclain says:

    Great photos.

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