Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 4, 2013

130604_storm_threat_225  [Deyo 24 News]

Deyo 24 News  ~ Oklahoma faces new twister risks as storms head across plains [see projection map above] DEYO headlines ….

130604_tropical_storm_225  [Deyo 24 News]

Deyo 24 News  ~ Tropical system may impact U.S. East Coast area [see above map] DEYO headlines ……………………

Arrow3Israeljpg  [Times of Israel]

Times of Israel {breaking}  ~ U.S. spills Israeli Missile Defense secrets – U.S. leaks Israeli Arrow-3 Missile Defense System launch site…….

ernst-s-expedition-in-syria-looking-for-giants  [Prof. Ernst Muldashev]

Professor Ernst Muldashev [above photo image] in recent research expedition into the forbidden land of giants, Syria……more later!

200500004-001  [Steve Alten]

Steve Alten, writer of modern scientific thriller “Phobos, Mayan Fear” has a new exciting book coming out soon entitled: “The Omega Project” [see image above] and you can see Alten’s books, etc at website ……………………………….

Davis-Cottage  [Davis Bunn]

Davis Bunn is one of the best Christian Thriller writer in this century, with the ability to absolutely embed hidden “truth” into fiction novels. Bunn’s books are a real thrill to read! and available on ……….

BradThorX2jpg  [Brad Thor]

Brad Thor’s cutting edge political thrillers can be found @ and he has “Hidden Order” coming out soon………………….

ProphecyNewsMarzulliShaw  [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. Marzulli was in Oklahoma City recently with Gary Stearman and guest on Prophecy in the News Broadcast of new book “On The Trail Of The Nephilim”………and the book is being shipped now! ………………………

51utH0GdfUL__AA160_ [Dorothy Crothers]

Dorothy has a new radio show today Tuesday, June 4, 2013 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific with host, Daniel Holdings and his roundtable……………….

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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9 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 4, 2013

  1. Dolores says:

    Amazing, Larry! Can the Lord’s voice be heard in the whirlwind??? Trouble brewing along the East coast. HAARP zeroing in on Florida. Lord is allowing this due to wickedness and lack of repentance. We had all better be “bracing for impact” from this point forth.

  2. Susan says:

    I know this is off topic but worth noting….Is anyone paying attention to the Bilderberg meeting in the UK? Check out the numbers for the start date of the Bilderberg’s meeting (which ends on the 9th – an upside down 6)
    6/6/2013 = 6/6/2+0+1+3=6……..666 …….coincidence?

    • Elaine says:

      Good catch, Susan…..I believe they do that just to taunt us.

    • Susan says:

      addendum: Add up 6+6+6 and it equals 18 which in biblical mathematics means bondage. The Illuminati are totally into numbers. The ending date is 6/9/2013 which when you add up these numbers they equal 21 and in biblical mathematics 21 means exceeding sinfulness of sin. ……

  3. Gaby says:

    Great post, as always Larry. Dolores, you are so right. Things are really ramping up. Most people are still asleep and won’t listen. Earthquakes are very telling to watch. Lots of 5+ every day! My alert app shows two Hawaii quakes, one 5.2 and one 5.6. But USGS is only showing one at 5.3. Also watching the Middle East. US political news is just bizarre. So much going on and everybody still thinks things are normal.
    Bless you Larry, Darnette, and all the brothers and sisters.


  4. Elaine says:

    I was just listening to the Daniel Holdings round table again as I got ready for work and as i was by the shower when Randy Hecker spoke his vision of all the land west of the San Andreas fault breaking off and moving 70 miles out to sea…..I dunno, maybe it was because of the shower which reminded me of L.A. Marzulli’s rapture vision……but I thought, “Wow, what if some people survive on that huge hunk of land?”
    I ran to pull up a map and sure enough…..L.A. would be on that land! This is not a vision but a stream of consciousness thing……would make a heck of a book! Those survivor’s being protected far away from the mainland when the rest of the horrors happen. Although I can’t imagine his plumbing would survive to be raptured from the shower….LOL
    Now, we know the Lord will supernaturally protect His own and how many of these fantastical scenarios could there be with the watchmen able to shepherd the remnant through the tribulation? Maybe Larry is on a holy mountain? Hmmmmm
    Just pondering!

    • Elaine says:

      oops, forgot to check the notify box

    • Elaine says:

      I posted that just 15 or so minutes ago and then came to work…..still playing that script in my mind and laughing to myself about Californication being the land of the weirdos and pagans…..would there be anyone to be in L.A.’s flock? … Sodom and Gomorrah, how many good men would it take? And when I pulled down the alley to the back door of my shop…..a Wilson basketball! Right by my back door!!!!! That just made me laugh out loud…..have you all seen the Tom Hanks movie Castaway?

  5. windsofchange says:

    Hi Elaine ( :
    YES, God has MANY RIGHTEOUS in California! I am here in a named by God “City of Refuge”…and I know there are more ~ Alvi Zapata I think is his name spoke on a radio show the other night and he talked about how the repentance of many last year @ prayer meetings in both California and Boston turned evil away.Of course for years I have believed in an end time move of God greater than the Book of Acts.I believe it b/c the Holy Spirit told me …many times over many years.~The last great harvest and that the Church is/and w/ be revealed as the Glorious Church and John 17 w/ be fully manifest as the Scripture declares.
    It is very hard though at times I admit w/ all the stuff going on, and b/c of what so many have endured over all these years! Just how to understand and put together all of this seemingly contradictory Word?Ah yes, trust….man, that’s impossible w/o Holy Spirit help for sure!
    Good thing God is God and we wait by His Grace and Strength to reveal the concealed~
    Blessings to all ,and as always thank you L and D !
    Here you go guys.You seen one like this?

    Cracked me up when in the comments someone says “it’s a flying neck cushion silly”
    Yes, Castaway was a good movie
    Have you seen Cloud Atlas w/ Hanks and many others?

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