Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 11, 2013

130610_heat_threat2_225  [Deyo 24 News]

Deyo 24 News  ~ Record Challenging HEAT Shifts to Plains This Week  or read from DEYO headlines – continual coverage in the news …………………………………………..

hhside225  [Hagmann & Hagmann]

Hagmann & Hagmann Radio News  ~ Doug Hagmann tells seminar three (3) major crisis events that are imminent http://www.canadafreepress.comindex.php/article/55781

AlienAgendajpg  [A.S. Judkins]

Reading a new/recent book entitled: “Alien Agenda – The Return of the Nephilim” by A.S. Judkins & Michael McDaniel. Searching archaeology & aliens! Very interesting read with many archaeology clues…..A.S. Judkins Blog

102-wayqui-4  [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. Marzulli Blog ~ L.A. Marzulli on Coast to Coast AM Radio tonight, Tuesday, June 11 with George Noory to discuss his breaking book “On The Trail Of The Nephilim” ….[above image] from L.A. Marzulli

AlienTaxonomyPrayingMantisBarnHeadline  [Augusto Perez]

Augusto Perez  ~ Augusto posts incredible article from research entitled: “Zetas, Aliens & Fallen Angels” explaining some of the most mysterious accounts in human history ………

netherlands-ufo  [Netherlands UFO]

Recent photos of UFO mysterious object over castle in the Netherlands and analysis reports that it is not a fake!  Photos May 25 & June 10 [2013]…………………………


DEBKAfile Exclusive {breaking} Syrian Army Launches Aleppo Offensive. Syrian Army has launched offensive named “Northern Storm” against rebels in Aleppo region and the northern part of Syria. Offensive is in progress…………

20121030_white-house-benghazi-LIBYA  [Breitbart Benghazi]

Breitbart News  ~ Benghazi: We Have Not Forgotten!

Keep you eyes on the Middle East as Russia is making historical military movements there!

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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6 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 11, 2013

  1. Vaughn West says:

    Larry ,Been Along Time since I Wrote You ,The Time For The fallen Angel To Come From The Dark Side of The MOON and Pay Us A Visit Is Close At Hand .People Do Not Believe This and Do Not Understand The Bible Speaks Of Two Gods ,One Of Creation Our Father ,And One Of Destruction ,Satan ,Lucifer .When They Can See This They Will See More Of The Truth That Is In The Bible .Jesus Christ Made This Very Clear . God Bless My Friend ,Love You And Yours, Vaughn

    • Dolores says:

      Nice to hear from you Vaughn! Hope all is well with you? We are entering the time that Jesus spoke of when men’s heart’s will fail for fear as they see what’s coming upon the earth. Could Jesus have meant fallen angels? I think he could have. Shalom, Dolores

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Vaughn ‘ole marine’ ~~~~~ Good to hear from you…! I’ll watch that ole movie called
      LEGION again for pointers ~ HA!
      Larry Taylor

  2. Dolores says:

    Another GREAT blog, Larry! The freak weather continues………..Our area is on watch for storms the rest of the week with a possible “dericho” wind event on Thursday. Political intrigue continues, along with “alien intrigue”. Middle East could go “wild weasel” (as Hawk says) at any time. This would give the elite the cover they need to begin their dirty work in earnest. Fasten seatbelts everyone we are in for a bumpy ride………………..Shalom to all, Dolores

    • larrywtaylor says:

      Dolores ~~~~~ Always THANKS for your comments, glad you don’t pull any punches!
      POW — that’s a good one! I still miss what was almost weekly letters from Gladys, but
      she doesn’t have to see this horrible mess the USA has become!
      Larry Taylor

      • Dolores says:

        I miss Gladys too. She was one of the kindest people I ever knew. She would have been shocked and heartbroken over the nightmarish turn the US has taken. The Lord was merciful to her and took her home. I guess we still have a job to do and were, no doubt, born for such a time as this.

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