Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 19, 2013

coronalhole_stripX1  [Space Weather]

Space Weather News  ~ CORONAL HOLE:  A large coronal hole has formed in the atmosphere above the sun’s northern hemisphere and is spewing a solar wind into space. [see above coronal hole] Plasma from the coronal hole will reach Earth in a glancing blow June 23-24………

130618_Portugal_fracture_zone_225  [Deyo 24 News]

Deyo 24 News  ~ HEADLINE: New Fracture Zone Found Off Portugal  or read report from the DEYO website headlines ……………………………………..

CfakepathMediaBiasVid_20121006_012044  [Pat Caddell]

Pat Caddell [above left side] on Fox News  points out clearly that not only Obama, but the democrats & republicans have brought the USA to this crisis!


DEBKAfile Israel Breaking ~ EU & NATO have delivered shipments of weapons to the Syrian Rebels in south Syria and Aleppo region- June 18, 2013…………


DEBKAfile Israel Breaking ~ [Exclusive] Russian marines & air power heading for Syria by ships due to Western intervention – June 19, 2013………..

WorldWarZamazonjpg  [World War Z]

MOVIE BREAKING ~ “World War Z  [above image]  coming…………………

thumbnailCA7ANJQG  [Klaus Dona]

Photo image of the Ecuador pyramid found with mysterious symbols & eye at top, mentioned in recent radio show with Klaus ..

CubaUnderwaterPyramidjpg  [Augusto Perez]

Augusto Perez in recent radio show mentioned new findings of structures & artifacts off Cuba [see above image] ~ PYRAMIDS! ………………

Holdings-Slider-Coral-1  [Daniel Holdings]

Daniel Holdings  ~ Dan has posted really interesting photos & report on Klaus Dona Ecuador Pyramid & ancient writing. Go to Daniel’s website and look which was discussed in the recent Radio Roundtable with show permanent link: ……………………………………………..

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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12 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 19, 2013

  1. Tim in Florida says:

    Darn good blog Larry!

    Read just the headlines of the articles you cite in this blog. If that ain’t convincing enough, that something is afoot and is getting so close to something even bigger…like in weeks, if not just days away…something that would shut down our way of life…that will put us in a 19th century frame of technology…it is so close you can tell what it had for lunch.

    As Our Savior said, to watch for signs in the sun, the moon and the stars. I am watching and awaiting Jesus, the Good Shepherd, to be gathering His sheep!

  2. Dolores says:

    Thanks, Larry, for another great blog! I’m looking forward to listening to a download of the preparing for battle roundtable. Lots of people in these parts are sick with some sort of flu – myself included. Strange for so close to summer. Were we sprayed with something? Who knows!!!??

  3. Toni says:

    Thanks Larry! Downloading your program of 17th to listen to now. These pyramids everywhere are fascinating.

  4. Steve says:


    Thanks for the photos you posted. That was a great roundtable discussion. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. Kim L. from New York says:

    Hi Larry!

    We remain so thankful for all your hard work in preparing one great blog after another to keep The Bride informed! As we head into what could be a game-changing weekend I’m sending out prayers of Divine Protection through the Blood of Jesus on all The Bride! I have 2 sons graduating this weekend (one is autistic and it took him 19 yrs. of schooling to get that diploma!) and I’m singing for their Baccalaureate tonight…for the first time in over 75 years the school district was NOT holding this prayer service citing “there was no interest among the students and staff” OF 2 HIGH SCHOOLS!!!!! The saddest part is that when a handful of parents jumped in and planned this for the students (over 500) we have only heard of about 10 students who will participate!!!!! I can only say “Come Quickly Lord Jesus!!!!!!”

    Blessings on you all – incidentally, here in NY 2 different virus’ are occurring…I was down 3 days last week with an intestinal virus that is trying hard to come back even now.

    • Dolores says:

      It’s so very sad that we have raised a generation of young people who are “lost in cyberspace” with no knowledge of, or desire, for the Lord. They are ( for the most part) heartless, thoughtless, selfish, dumbed down, unthankful, unholy, just as Paul warned Timothy would be the case in the last days. It breaks my heart, as I have 4 grandkids, one of whom graduated from high school several weeks ago. When I mention Jesus to them, I get that “deer in a headlight” look. Their mother was raised to know Jesus.

      The intestinal virus is big here (Maryland) too, as you noted, it doesn’t want to let go. At the moment, there is also a severe upper respiratory infection making the rounds. I know of three, plus myself, who are currently battling it. Local stores are full of young and old, alike who sound like they are about to cough up a lung. I know just how they feel! After 3+ days of this I am worn out!!! This “bug” also doesn’t want to let go. Manmade? Probably, as we have had lots of “chemtrail” activity lately. Local Vet’s are noting the rise of animals who are full of allergies – including pneumonia. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!

  6. Judy says:

    Loved this one Larry!!!! Woohoo, we’re cookin now!!!

  7. lucille says:

    Absolutely riveting audio with all of you great men of God, just too short! Here in Ecuador we have to rely on Klaus and a few others to uncover things that are right under our noses.
    Many many truths that will be revealed! Thank you Larry, et. all…and all so much!

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