Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 27, 2013

130627_heatwave_225  [Deyo 24 News]

Deyo 24 News  ~ HEADLINE: Major West U.S. Heatwave in the Making  or read from the DEYO site .

uv11 [Oklahoma Mountain Gateway]

Here in the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway today’s [June 27] temp on my back deck thermo indicated 102F and the UV reading was 11 in the extreme range [above reading scale] that is according to NOAA……………………………..

130627_hot_temps_225  [Deyo 24 News]

Deyo 24 News  ~ HEADLINE: Dangerous Record-Breaking Heat Forecast for Arizona, Nevada, California [Reuters News] read at the DEYO website & map [see above] …………………………………….


DEBKAfile Israel Breaking ~ CIA moves weapons to Jordan for Syrian Rebels. Battle between Rebels & Assad Forces for Aleppo imminent…………………………………..


DEBKAfile Israel Breaking ~ First clash in Egypt, Morsi blasts opposition. 2 killed, 260 injured, in Mansoura, Egypt clash…………………………..aWNDcybersecurity-computers-340x226  [Cyber-Attack]

Daniel Holdings  ~ Daniel’s website recently came under cyber-attack and was down for a time with information lost, however; Daniel has it up & running again. Some data missing, but it’s working……………………

Daniel Holdings is reportedly radio guest of Hagmann & Hagmann on Friday, June 28th …………………..just a note!

aLucifer'sHammerAmazon[Lucifer’s Hammer]

Recently, I’ve been reading an old 1977 copy of LUCIFER’S HAMMER by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle. More recent e-book kindle edition [see above] at Books @ but I’m reading old 1977 paperback copy. What a ride with that COMET coming in……………………..!

aTheMissingIMDBjpg  [The Missing]

I recently mentioned a movie called THE MISSING with Tommy Lee Jones & Cate Blanchett and old indian [evil] witchdoctor – someone was wondering what the movie was called, so [see above image] and can get at Wal-Mart or ……..

102109_obama_media-500x375  [Mainstream Media]

Breitbart News  ~ MSM – It’s still working for him!

f-16_pyramids  [Middle East]


Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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7 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 27, 2013

  1. Elaine says:

    Lucifer’s Hammer……one of my favorite all time secular fiction books! I have a dog eared worn out copy from way back when! I had forgotten about it, thanks, Larry! I am going to dust it off!

  2. Dolores says:

    I have a copy of Lucifer’s Hammer too, but for some reason never got around to reading it. I’m going to start reading it today. Glad Daniel Holdings website is back. Take care, Larry and Darnette, with the relentless heat that most of the country is experiencing, the last thing you need is a terrible sunburn, due to high UV. I hope your furry friends stay out of the sun too. Our area is slammed with a relentless bacteria that gets in the sinus’s and hangs on for dear life. I’ve had it now for two weeks!! On the second antibiotic. My husband, son, son-in-law, also have it. The doctor’s office is flooded with sufferers. Chemtrails? Shalom, Dolores

  3. Mariel Strauss says:

    Dolores, we had a virus here in New Mexico too. I got it from the grandchildren and it was so bad it lowered my hematocrit by 8 points through attack on marrow, according to doctors I saw while in CA. Which is unusual for me, as I usually have to have phlebotomies to lower hematocrit. Very bad virus, starts in sinuses, goes into bronchitis, then hangs on through more than one course of antibiotics. Mine is gone for now.
    My bunny came back! The little one I thought had been killed by predators. I waited to water the back grass while it ate and left the area….but then when I turned on the sprinkler it came back and sat under the water and ate. Very smart rabbit. And they don’t eat other people, another plus for rabbits. The cat who prowls the backyard is obviously stalking for edibles such as moles and birds, a mini version of a big predator.
    I loved Larry Niven’s books with or without his partner Jerry Pournelle. I used them in my classes at the community college. Great literature.

    • Dolores says:

      So glad you are feeling better. Several years ago I had a virus that damaged my heart and pancreas. Now this nasty bug!!
      As an animal lover, I’m so happy that your rabbit came back. We have several who visit our veggie garden. I thought of buying rabbit food for them, but a rabbit breeder told me they wouldn’t eat it, as my garden has all the food they need. I love to watch birds, deer, and all wildlife. It’s so peaceful in this crazy world. Take care, Dolores

    • Elaine says:

      Glad you are feeling a bit better!
      I love the bunnies too…..but, they can destroy your garden! I sprinkle powdered cayenne on most of mine but leave a few plants without for the critters to munch! They learn pretty quick which ones are theirs.

  4. Elaine says:

    Another good book of that genre and time is “A Canticle For Liebowitz” by Miller (Walter might be first name)

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