Larry Taylor Blog ~ July 1, 2013

aGeomagneticStormjpg  [Space Weather]

Space Weather News  ~ Noctilucent Clouds: Northern Europe and Canada see bright ‘noctilucent clouds’ hovering at the edge of space. Photo from Alberta, Canada [see above] by Alan Dyer………………..

agay-marriage  [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. Marzulli Blog [July 1]  ~ “Have We Come to the Tipping Point?” with commentary & analysis by L.A. Marzulli…………………………

BreitbartObamaphonejpg  [Obama 2013]

The Golden Report – from Jerusalem   ~ {new post} Jerry Golden ~ “Only God Can Help You Now!” ….

f-16_pyramids  [Egypt State News]

YnetNews Israel  ~ Egypt State TV News: Egypt Armed Forces to Make Statement. Egyptian Armed Forces to make statement later Monday, amid mass protests against Morsi………………………………………….

aTurkCartoon  [Cartoon of Turkish Press]

aDrudgeReportCivilWar  [Drudge – Civil War]

The Drudge Report  ~  Civil War ? Both Drudge Report & Breitbart News  reporting CIVIL WAR shades of talk! AND there have been some rumors/reports, unrelated to Drudge or Breitbart of possible some type false-flag or event July 4th…??????????????????????????

AlertQuaylejpg  [Q-Alerts]

Q-Alert News  ~ some sent me email reports from Q-Alerts of some event planned for July 4th & spoke of caution on trips planned that day. Go read the data for yourself & decide on your own…………………………………………


DEBKAfile Breaking News ~ Syrian Army & Hizballah Assault on Homs in northern Syria. Syrian Army & Hizballah Forces began Saturday a heavy assault on Rebel-held northen districts of Homs……….

DSCF0531  [Larry Taylor]

There has been extreme heavy chem-trails over the Oklahoma Mountain Gateway last few days. Larry Taylor took this photo [above image] of plane spraying chem-trails over the gateway recently. Also saw recent video explaining research on the CHEMTRAIL issue ..

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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11 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ July 1, 2013

  1. Mariel Strauss says:

    Sorry to say that the chemtrail video is not available.

  2. Judy says:

    What “they’ve” turned this beautiful country into is appaling….it makes me sick everyday to even drive the roads anymore…arrogance, perversion, death, evil of every ilk…and MOST accept this as being normal….fools says the Lord. Thank you for the great post. jr

  3. larrywtaylor says:

    Guys ~~~~ You can find the Geoengineering Video and can
    watch it from there!
    Larry Taylor

  4. darnette taylor says:

    Good blog

  5. Dolores says:

    Judy, you are so right! I am heartsick about the current state of affairs we find ourselves in. Evil is celebrated with gusto, while good is evil spoken of. How the mighty have fallen, have fallen……….
    “Normal” has died, may it rest in peace. People notice nothing out of the ordinary – not even the sickening plumes of chemtrails raining down on us. They notice not the many coughing people with bacterial infections that take many courses of antibiotics, and weeks to get rid of. They notice not the encroaching police state, which will put the Nazi’s to shame. They will hardly notice the soon coming day when Bibles and anything Christian will be taken away. They ready themselves to celebrate “Independence Day” – a true oxymoron!!!! They celebrate the death of the nation with fireworks, beer, parades, cook-outs, knowing not until the flood (of evil) takes them all away.
    Thanks once again, Larry, for a most informative blog. I love the “Alfred E. Newman” – what, ME worry?! look on the photo of our fearless leader. A judgment in and of itself!!!!!

  6. Richard Lockwood says:

    Hi Larry, did not take You-tube long to take the Chemtrail flv down, I am surprised – no

  7. Steve says:

    Hey Larry,

    FYI, I spotted some chemtrails last Tuesday in EC, and again today. Prior to that I had not seen any down here. The sun is also incredibly intense…

  8. FollowsTheWay says:

    Chemtrails are a daily event in Chapel Hill, NC area.

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