Larry Taylor Blog ~ September 3, 2013 {update}

ALLABOARD_20130903_113223  [Fox News Alert]

Fox News Alert  ~~~ {update} House Speaker John Boehner Backs Obama’s Call for a Military Strike Against Syria, September 3, 2013………..

01_map  [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. Marzulli Blog  {after long break} Syria – My Take… with commentary & analysis by L.A. Marzulli…….

Drudge_Israel_Missiles  [Drudge Report Update]

Drudge Report Tuesday Update  ~ HEADLINES: [1] RED LINE: Israel launches missiles over the Mediterranean [2] Boehner will support Obama attack on Syria [3] Pelosi: we are at war  [4] Assad: Obama is weak [5] Rebels were armed & trained by CIA [6] Egyptian court bans Al Jereeza TV affiliate………………

asurya_english  [YnetNews Israel]

YnetNews Israel ~ YnetNews Possible Syria Attack Map…..

a_Ed_Dames_breaking_news-jpg  [Ed Dames – Killshot]

ED DAMES reporting [see above image] that the U.S. Government holding power grid failure drills in preparation for future disaster: KILLSHOT EVENT!

A_tanks_Merkava_Golan_Heights_August_28_2013  [DEBKA]

DEBKAfile Israel Breaking {update} ~~~~ Israel has re-inforced the Golan Region with their M-tanks & Chariot-tanks on the border with Syria………………


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3 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ September 3, 2013 {update}

  1. Dolores says:

    The world would be such a better place if countries, along with people, would simply mind their own business. War is a racket, benefiting the rich men. Here we go again! Make no mistake – this folly will come to OUR shores!!!! Bracing for impact………….

    • Mariel Strauss says:

      Dolores, your statement is true.
      I suppose we must expect it to come to our shores, Israel’s shores, etc., because the Bible says it will. The Lord looked into the future and saw that it would happen. Stan
      Deyo said this on Hagmann and Hagmann last week.
      Stan will be on Hagmann tonight at 7 Mountain Time.

  2. darnette taylop says:

    Awesome Blog. Thank you for the information. The Middle East is certainly
    Showing sighns of falling apart. We had better be ready for any thing at any time.

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