Larry Taylor Blog ~ September 5, 2013

aFox_News_Breaking_G20  [Fox News Breaking]

Fox News Breaking  ~ AT OPPOSITE ENDS – Putin Fuels Syria Rift….Putin, Obama at G-20 Meet in Russia….

Fox News Breaking ~~~~ Russia threatens to defend Syria with missile shield…..

b1bomber  [InfoWars News]

InfoWars News with Alex Jones  {breaking} ~~~ High Level Source Inside Military Confirms: Dyess Air Force Base actively moving nuclear warheads to U.S. East Coast. Secret Transfer, No Paper  [above B1] The secret transfer is possibly to location in South Carolina…?

NOTE: InfoWars ~~~~ B1s & B2s left U.S. bases and have not returned……………………

mattdrudge  [Matt Drudge]

Drudge Report Thursday ~ HEADLINES: [1] Putin: Kerry is lying… [2] Kerry claims Syria Rebels are moderates… [3] Brutality of Syrian Rebels revealed… [4] Executing men on their knees… [5] Al Qaeda attacks christian village…..

aUS_warship_Haifa  [DEBKA]

DEBKAfile Israel Breaking ~~~~ U.S. Warship USS San Antonio docks in Haifa, Israel to refuel for it’s eastern Mediterranean assignment………….


DEBKAfile Israel Breaking ~~~~~~ Egyptian Minister Survives Assassination Attempt in Cairo. Minister, Mohammed Ibrahim, survived a car bomb attack on his convoy in Cairo..

Breitbart_News_us_army_blackhawks  InfoWars News]

InfoWars News Breaking  ~ Pentagon Knew in 2012: Would Take 75,000 Troops to Secure Syria’s Chemical Weapons Facilities…………………..

LA_Marzulli_iraq-si  [L.A. Marzulli]

L.A. Marzulli Blog  ~ Baghdad – still a ‘no-mans’ land….with commentary & analysis by L.A. Marzulli………………………

ENEWS_logo   [YnetNews Israel]

YnetNews Israel Breaking  ~ Russia sends missile cruiser to Mediterranean Sea. Russia prepating to send another missile cruiser & anti-submarine ship to area off Syria…………………………….

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Larry W. Taylor


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5 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ September 5, 2013

  1. Dolores says:

    Unbelievable, how close we are to possible WWIII. Our leaders are arrogant and clueless, so used to being the neighborhood bully that they continue suffering from a terrible case of “too big to fail”. I wonder if moving nuclear war heads to the east coast is one reason for the Fema Region III warning given recently by Rev. Michelle Hopkins? If so, I and others, on the east coast in Fema Region III could use some prayers. FYI – Rev. Michelle Hopkins was one of the last night’s guests on the Hagmann and Hagmann report. I downloaded it this morning and hope to listen to it sometime today. She also has a you tube spot, containing valuable information of current goings on the world. When you go to you tube type in Rev. Michelle Hopkins to see a line up of her videos. John “J.R.” Moore also has a daily show with important updates, downloaded daily on you tube. Try jrliberty – youtube. This will help to stay informed until Larry’s yahoo group is back on line – SOON – I hope!! Really miss your yahoo group posts, Larry! shalom and blessing to everyone, Dolores

  2. Mariel Strauss says:

    It seems we get good updates here on the blog, even without the “group.” I’m glad the blog is functioning. Prayers for you, dear Dolores, in FEMA Region III.
    Annette’s group writes that Rosh Hashana is actually this weekend, based on the New Moon sighting, which is the Biblical way to do it.

    • Dolores says:

      You’re right, Mariel, Larry is doing an amazing job keeping us informed, in spite of some impossible situations, such as, from time to time, word press throwing him a curve ball, yahoo group down…………….I appreciate his efforts so very much! Thanks for the prayers – which we ALL need at this time. Didn’t know Rosh Hashana is this weekend. I wonder if this has any prophetic significance, seeing the New Moon sighting, troubles at hand coming at this time? I don’t know how to celebrate Rosh Hashana? I do know that just about ALL “Christian” celebrations we have been taught are pagan to the core. Bless you! Dolores

  3. Tony says:

    It’s looking like we might not have to wait untill October for the missile’s.

  4. darnette Taylor says:

    outstanding information. thanks I know its tough but thanks for persevering ………………….

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