Larry Taylor Blog ~ September 14, 2013

1001158  [Larry Taylor]

Larry Taylor working projects in his backyard, Oklahoma Mountain Gateway, and there seems to be a shift in weather patterns here today, September 14, from HOT to ???????

aRion_Paige_ScreenSnapz035-620x345  [Rion Paige]

THIS ABSOLUTELY BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES ~ Larry Taylor [see above] as Rion Paige performed at the X-Factor with Simon Cowell’s support…! This is a video if youtube works here  or view from article on the BLAZE ……………………………………………….

Rion_Paige1  [Rion Paige]

Rion Paige on X-Factor …….

aFox_Hasselbeck_jpg  [Breitbart News]

Breitbart News Breaking  ~ Elizabeth Hasselbeck teases return to TV on Fox News [see above image] ………………………………………………

aWNDcybersecurity-computers-340x226  [Larry Taylor]

Larry Taylor Yahoo Group appears back up-online and functioning in cyberspace…

DSCF0812  [Steve Quayle]

Steve Quayle’s Q-Alert News  ~ Russia’s Moskva Cruiser ‘Carrier-Killer’ now in the Mediterranean Sea ……………………………

stevequaylejpg  [Q-Alert News]

Steve Quayle’s Q-Alert News ~ Malachi Martin, Windswept House Novel …………………..

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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3 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ September 14, 2013

  1. lynn sheer says:

    Larry please answer if possible. Is Steve Quayle referring to Charleston, S.C. or Charleston, WV??? I live 60 miles N of Charleston, WV & also have family who works in Charleston. Please Please answer … thank you lynn in West Virginia


  2. jim says:

    hey larry, good view behind u there. it is time for the weather to change up there. looking forward to being on the mountain this fall. we gotta come up soon and cut our winter supply of firewood. some say a cold hard winter coming at us. good blog. jim

  3. Dolores says:

    Another GREAT blog, Larry!!! Here in the mid Atlantic the weather has changed as well. Lot’s more fall-like, and way cooler at night. Frantic Squirrels, all black wooly bear caterpillars spotted, gardens calling it quits too early. May be a harbinger of a cold, hard winter coming our way.

    I watched the first part of the “Last Resort” TV series last night. My husband and son enjoyed it, but noted that some of the submarine action wasn’t 100% reality. This is how most will view it. A great series – pure fantasy!! Digging a little deeper, my thought was: dear Lord, the powers that be have become so brazen that they are no longer hiding how they have started just about every war we have been in, and most likely planning another as I speak. The USS “Colorado” got orders to do the unthinkable. Interesting to note that the purported new capitol of the US will be in Colorado. Another State, Indiana, attacks Colorado. Civil war coming??? Anyone who believes the obvious and tells others is labeled a conspiracy nut. This is how Hollywood aides and abets the evildoers. Lots of TRUTH coming at us, hiding in plain sight……Looking forward to the next installment tonight. Chances are the families will be either killed or held as hostages – just like in the REAL world!!!!! Thanks for the movie, Larry! Everyone should watch it with the eyes of the spirit. Watch and weep.

    Glad you are able to enjoy the great outdoors this weekend, Larry! I hope Darnette is able to join you. What an awesome view you have from your porch, a great spot for morning coffee, watching the sunset in the evenings, and hanging out with Kat Robert Taylor. We had our five dogs out this morning for a romp in the Town Park. A nice change of pace from the relentless high heat and humidity these parts are famous for.
    Shalom to all!! Dolores

    PS. Am wondering too, what Steve Quayle said about Charleston?

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