Larry Taylor Blog ~ December 21, 2013

aAccuweather_inmasirSC  [Accuweather]

Accuweather News  ~  HEADLINE:  LIVE:  Ice, Flooding, Happening Now [see above radar image] Central U.S. ~~~ Tornadoes Later in the Central U.S.    ………………..

650x366_12181550_hd23  [Accuweather]

Accuweather News HEADLINE:  Saturday Weather Threat [see above map] Weekend Tornado Risk ~~~ Texas to Alabama, Indiana………………………………

650x366_12211419_hd23  [Accuweather]

Accuweather WARNING ~~~ Severe Storms Saturday in central U.S. [see above] …

homeland-season-3-finale-4  [Homeland]

Homeland Television Series ~ Season 3 ended with mysterious activity of Iranian General………………………

Homeland3jpg  [Homeland Season 3]

Homeland Season 3 [not yet available on DVD] finishes season with finale mystery of Brody death in Iran? And the mysterious General Majid Javadi in Iran working for the CIA in the Iranian power structure…?????



DEBKAfile Israel Breaking {intel} ~~~~ Iranian Mr. X – No.1: Ali Shamkhani ~~ the new Iranian National Security Chief is revealed as the object of U.S. hopes for influence in Tehran ……………………………{intel} Israel

Duck%20Dynasty  [The Wrap]

Yahoo News & The Wrap  ~  ‘Duck Dynasty’ Fallout: GLAAD Reeling from Biggest Backlash in Years, says Rep.  –  GLAAD Receiving Violent & Angry Phone Calls, Many Calls……………………………………………………..

100412_DAMAGECONTROL_20121004_141403  [TruNews Radio]

Trunews Radio  ~  BREAKING:  Obamacare Will Restrict Travel & Relocation of Americans……………………………………………………….

Trunews_Iran_wardrills  [TruNews Radio]

TruNews Radio  ~  Iran Launches Large-Scale War Drills in Persian Gulf.  Test of Iran’s Air Defenses in Persian Gulf Region……………………………..

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Larry W. Taylor


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8 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ December 21, 2013

  1. Mariel says:

    I shudder looking at the weather coming at you.
    Here, it’s been pretty good, in the mountains of New Mexico. If we get more snow and particularly ice, it will be dangerous. But we have suffered so much less than the rest of the country, and I can’t understand why. Our big threat is always drought, and we will “get it” again
    next May and June, probably, when forest fire smoke comes again. Forest fire smoke is probably going to be yearly, wafted in from nearby states, even if we don’t get it directly. The snowpack we are getting in our mountains is said to be “not enough” to prevent drought, but so much is falling that perhaps the experts will be fooled this time. They’ve been pretty accurate so far, and they predict unending years of drought for the Southwest. Shudder.

  2. Elaine says:

    Dear Lord, please have some weather mercy on our watchmen and Christian family, especially Larry, he has had his share already!
    And today is just the first day of winter…..YIKES!!
    We are battening down our hatches here for a big ice storm of up to an inch to turn into a dump of 9 inches of snow on top beginning this evening but we are pretty used to winter weather here on the shores of Lake Michigan. That does NOT mean I like it but am prepared. Backing in to the driveway tonight and planning to stay cozy inside tomorrow just being still and knowing that He is God! 🙂
    Merry Christmas to all!

    • Elaine says:

      hahahaha… case you were wondering, we back into our driveways because even though we shovel it is usually likely that before we can get the car warmed up the city will plow the street and leave a mound that we have to charge through!

  3. Steve says:


    Thank you for the updates. I’m in agreement with Elaine regarding the weather mercy… Talk to you later.

  4. draculaagainstnwo says:

    larry i have a solution here and it should be nation wide that this be done
    binding and releasing prayers to be applied about every dark deed that has been done here in america LAST Nite on call to decision i call as mick since this is my nick name on with pastor butch paugh i was next to the last call in there and gave a lecture a short one having to do with the subject we can take back america if not the preverbial way to hell is going to happen
    while back ago was listening to a rebroadcast of pastor pete j peters on his station
    had to do with that subject

    we can bind these demon possessed creatures and send them to hell one by one
    now then in the bible it tells in his own WORDS YAHWH told us we have the right to change the outlook that the dark one wants all the time funny thing i was praying this type of prayer and then i heard on irn that harry reid had been released from the hospital for be totaly tired or was it the prayer i had been praying for three days now then if that is true we have a way of redress of grievance against the dark forces and its armies it is spiritual and these creatures are spiritual controlled creatures as well you can take down the giant as my great ancestor did not going to get into ancestry here on my family

    he took goliath down and took the creatures head off with the sword of goliath after putting a rock tween the his eyes or dotting the eye as my cousin calls it he was a highway patrolman in colorado as a motorcycle cop i hope he is okay he was in that town were the floods had happened at months back
    here is who i am

    • Dolores says:

      Hello, Mick! I always enjoy it when you call pastor Butch’s show. Nice to “meet you”. You make some good points. We need to put on the WHOLE armour of God and fight the good fight. I pray against the evil all the time. Why let them just walk over us?!

      Another great, action packed blog, Larry! So sorry that more terrible weather is coming your way. We are living large in these parts, at least for the next day or so. Will send up a prayer for you and those in the path of the storms.

      The Homeland show is a blockbuster. Was sorry the third season ended already.

      The Duck Dynasty free speech incident has really stirred up a hornet’s nest. People are starting to have enough of the madness. WE outnumber THEM! I hope A&E loses millions of $$$ on this one, along with other politically correct business’s like Cracker Barrel, who is pulling most Duck Dynasty merchandise off their shelves. Political correctness make me want to vomit!!!!! Sin is sin – end of story!!!

      Elaine, I know what you mean about backing vehicles into the driveways. We do that here as well. Those snow plows leave large mounds at the end of the driveway. Hate it!!
      LOL! I wish a blessed New year to all!

      • draculaagainstnwo says:

        hey thank you living in south east nm the weather is weird here as well what is worse the nucleated water that is being used on us the ice that dont melt man that is horrible i live in the county seat of lea county nm 3rd generation to prove who i am on this site done by my cousins
        go down 34-35 pages married to an okie from the areas that is near to where larry lives at idabel ok
        i was researching an item as to how in the hell did we get this crude sodomite fag agenda here all because of man known Edward L. Chavez supreme justice who bought his job when bill richardson picked him and put him in wonder how much denario did the guy pay to get that job knowing he has to be catholic just like my cousin bill is he was the most shadiest critter i didnt elect just like bills cousins we know are george bush sr and jr and clinton and odungho for the fact is we didnt elect these demon possessed creatures they were installed as that by their master in rome italy the vatican who is the illuminati
        what i was trying find was there a loop hole to get rid of this new state law that is not law but defacto color of law bs garbage
        there is no recall in this state of nm why not sure who i believe it probably had a law somewhere on the books to disenfranchise these criminals from any type of job but were not sure

        since under law he had violated his oath of office so have others on up the el dungho presidenta now mine but illegal all started after the 1812 burning and rebuilding of washington dc by the jesuits what is your take

  5. darnette taylor says:

    The news from Iran and Israel in your face . Homeland is a story of today’s events. Interesting!

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