Larry Taylor Blog ~ January 11, 2014

Ariel_Sharon_Israel_2014  [Ariel Sharon]

YnetNews Israel Breaking  ~ ISRAEL:  Ariel Sharon dies at 85. Remembered as former Israel Prime Minister & soldier. Sharon did exploits in Israel’s wars……to be buried next to wife in Negev, southern Israel.


DEBKAfile Israel Breaking ~~~~~~ Ariel Sharon, brilliant general, divisive politician, is dead at 85. Ariel Sharon, commanding & controversial figure in Israel’s military and political history is dead. Sharon was Israel’s 11th Prime Minister and died on January 11, 2014…………………………………..

aNasa_Cosmic_Hand_of_God  [Cosmic Hand]

Space Weather News  ~  Cosmic hand space photo image released just before Ariel Sharon’s death on Janaury 11, 2014 [see above image]…..

AugustoPerez_War-in-Middle-East  [Augusto Perez]

Augusto Perez  ~ Augusto Perez new supernatural experience entitled: War in the Middle East” words heard on December 20, 2013, but just released by Augusto @  ……………..

650x366_01101559_hd14-1  [Accuweather News]

Accuweather News  ~  Arctic System Entering U.S. Early Next Week  [see above image] ……………………………………………….

650x366_01101555_hd20-1  [Accuweather]

Accuweather News Warning  ~  WARNING:  Polar Vortex Returns to U.S. ~~~~ another arctic blast on the way being called NEXT WEEK’S POLAR VORTEX PLUNGE IN U.S.  [see above image] ……………………………………………

Breitbart_Lone%20Survivor_movie  [Breitbart News]

Breitbart News  ~  ‘Lone Survivor’ Review on Breitbart News: Powerful, Unrelenting Tribute to Fallen Seals……movie from Marcus Luttrell’s 2009 book entitled: LONE SURVIVOR………………………………..

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Larry W. Taylor


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9 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ January 11, 2014

  1. jim says:

    hello larry, let u know mr. bob is fine. he is home as of late yesterday. he even called this morning and wants to go out to eat this evening. tough old bird, lol. it was great talking to you yesterday. jim

  2. Dolores says:

    Things are shifting into high gear on the world scene. At the moment we are experiencing dense fog, thunderstorms, and heavy, flooding rain. Another polar blast coming? Drat’s!!!! Hope everyone is ready. Thanks, Larry, for another timely update

  3. Steve says:

    Hey Larry,

    Thank you for the updates. The last polar vortex caused our flight back home to be cancelled, and we’re scheduled to head back as polar vortex II is supposed to arrive. We’ll see what happens this time. Talk to you later…

  4. darnette taylor says:

    Awesome blog, the photo from the space weather news reminds me of someone flying up to receive their crown. Awesome photo. Not looking forward to another vortex of any kind.
    But I am looking forward to the movie Lone Survivor …. Thank you for your time doing this blog. Blessings.

  5. linda says:

    Larry radio show last night was awesome–what about Sharon dying on the 11th and funeral on
    the 13th????? kinda goes along with what Augusto was referring to about Mandella!!! A message! Linda J.

  6. regenia morgan says:

    larry, me and a friend were looking at the hand of god..last nite there were phnominal lighting that made no noise and lit up the sky. few but huge and long and quite and brite. a signal or sign? also, look at the hand of God. it is missing its llittle finger. another sign maybe. why would “the small” finger be missing yet one with alot of power. we thought maybe it was saying it is almost here, billy graham maybe. i have heard that when billy graham dies the end will start. lilke the hand is telling us “are we there yet” almost, just waiting on the small powerful one and then the crown and power will handed over. just a thought for you to ponder on.. thought it would be appropriate to use stewarts saying in a post to you. the two of you were great to listen to and learn from

    • Elaine says:

      Or maybe since the extended pinky used to signify politeness…..Maybe the message it that it won’t be nice when He comes to clear the evil doers out of here?

  7. saturday evening in indiana our favorite police officer named jack mclamb died here is the write up on my buddy you all know him and heard the most decorated officer of phoenix az and most fired officer as well here is the write up oh by the way PASTOR BUTCH PAUGH WILL DO THE SERVICES THERE AS WELL

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