Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 30, 2014

x1_strip2_March30  [Space Weather]

Space Weather News  <>  ~  X-SOLAR FLARE:  A brief, but intense X1-Class Solar Flare [above image] erupted from sunspot AR 1890 on March 29th, with extreme ultraviolet [UV] flash. And causing ripple in Earth’s magnetic field, with possible CME to give a glancing blow on April 1, 2………………………………………………….

article-2586645-1C7C2A5500000578-5_634x354  [Accuweather]

TruNews Radio  <>  ~  Spring Called Off:  Up to 6 inches of snow expected to fall on East Coast, as Temps Plummet Again [above map] ………………………….

Fox_News_Bret_Baier_America  [Fox News]

Fox News Special  <>  ~ “Surrendering America” special with Bret Baier tonight [see above] …………………………………………………

Amazon_OddThomas_2014  [Odd Thomas]

Really an interesting supernatural thriller <>  written by Dean Koontz and made into movie [above image] ~~~~ The Battle of Good vs Evil is about to get ODD…………………………..Amazon <; has trailer…….

FoxNewsthe5jpg  [The Five]

Fox News “The Five”  <>  ~  Extreme “live” discussions of the day by THE FIVE on Fox News daily  <; ……

Xaircraft_Texas_2014  [Mystery Aircraft Texas]

InfoWars News  <>  ~  Mystery Aircraft Over Texas:  photoed over Amarillo Texas  [above] <>  with enhanced photo below…

Xaircraft_Texas_2014_2  [InfoWars News]

InfoWars News  <>  ~  Mystery Aircraft Over Texas, with an enhanced photo [above image] look carefully………………………


DEBKAfile Israel Breaking {intel} ~~~~~ Syrian Rebels attack Latakia, Syrian coastal area, from Turkey. Is Turkey, NATO about to intervene in the Syrian conflict ?

aaa-joelonhemmerfox-2  [Joel C. Rosenberg]

Joel C. Rosenberg Blog  <>  ~ Joel is in Israel being interviewed by FOX NEWS on multiple shows, about Middle East Situation………………

Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


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11 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ March 30, 2014

  1. darnette taylor says:

    This is great blog very interesting solar flare. Also would like to see a close up of the UFO . And another winter blast this is getting too bazar . I was trying to write this and it kept writing Nazareth .
    3 times . An error or a warning ?

  2. Lyn says:

    Thanks Larry for your dedication to bring this info. I certainly do appreciate you.

  3. jim says:

    hey larry, whatever that craft is, it is big. good blog. I hope the coldness don’t come on down south too far. I hope I’ve built my last fire in the woodheater. we used more firewood this past winter than ever before. we got all CA&H like you do but we like the wood heat so much that we have kept a fire all winter. I always buy a lot of pecans in the fall and keep a pan of them on that old stove to snack on. i’ll miss that part lol. but im ready for spring. jim

  4. draculaagainstnwo says:

    as i replied on infowars and prisonplanet the plane looks too much like a tr3b but cant prove that in the first place also there have been three earth quakes in oklahoma recently i noticed this on facebook somebody posted that but let to the airplane and notice right above it another jet trail higher up i wish my cousin was close by he probably know what the jet is in the first place he was on sac planes and was responsible for teaching the pilots how to fly them his father my second cousin who flew the fortress fighters to europe from new york state and he was responsible for taking the photos of the nazi death camps we have seen today allover the internet i seen them with his boys we played around and found them nasty sick things what madmen do to each other sick

    • larrywtaylor says:

      D2 ~~~~ Yes, looks like a TR3-B, however; a report indicates it may be a secret U.S.
      craft named RQ-170S, don’t know but these are certainly up there!
      Larry Taylor

  5. Dolores says:

    Another great blog, Larry! So much going on- so many lies, lies, lies, as to the grave danger we are in. More cold weather. Crazy!! My husband noted yesterday that although April is upon us, there are NO buds on any trees. Crops are bound to be late this season. But who cares? Dancing With The Stars is on tonight, and who wins is all that matters!!!!

  6. Whereveryougothereyouare says:

    Another morning start delay this last day of March at the local school because of snow and ice…a never-ending winter here in the northeast! Aaron Kaplan did an interesting interview a few days ago on The Byte Show regarding the missing Malaysian flight — worth checking out.

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