Larry Taylor Blog ~ February 5, 2013

LARRY  TAYLOR  BLOG  ~  February  5,  2013   {tuesday}

greencomet_strip  [Space Weather]

Space Weather News  ~ Comet Lemmon Update: Glowing much brighter [see above image] than expected, Comet Lemmon C/2012-F6 is gliding through the skies of the southern hemisphere about 92 million miles [0.99AU] from Earth. Photo by Rolf Olsen, Auckland, NZ………………………

Program_Schedule_C&Kjpg  [Curtner & Kerr]

Curtner & Kerr Radio  will hold a Watchmen’s Roundtable Show on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, evening show! Watchmen signed up: Stan Deyo, Daniel Holdings, Gene Schmidt. AND the permanent LINK for the show is located at  ……………………………………………………

IngoSwann1jpg  [Ingo Swann]

INGO DOUGLAS SWANN  [1933-2013]  ~ Recently, Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, posted tribute to Ingo Swann [see above image]. Ingo Swann was reportedly the so-called father of remote viewing & involved with the military applications with Ed Dames and others.

Shockingly, myself, Larry Taylor had email contact with Ingo Swann and even though Ed Dames & others termed “technical remote viewing” as a learned process, to be taught and used as template ~ Ingo said it was a “psychic operation”…..!

Interestingly, Ingo Swann, wrote in his book PURPLE FABLES a report as to the continual dis-trust of operators in remote viewing by U.S. Government & Others, because of the users POSSIBLE use to spy on them…..!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe Ingo knows more now……………………………………..Larry W. Taylor

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  [Ecuador Petroglyphs]

More Ecuador Cave Petroglyphs [see above image] new reported find in Ecuador…………

tomhorn1Xjpg  [Tom Horn]

Tom Horn’s Update  ~ New report from Tom Horn of Machu Picchu find in Peru…! “Thierry Jamin Research Team in Peru Find ‘SEALED’ Doorway at Machu Picchu” ……………………………..

hhside225  [Hagmann & Hagmann]

Hagmann & Hagmann Radio recently had a unique radio program with guests Steve Quayle & Greg Everman which was interrupted by outside forces. Information was released about U.S. incidents unique to TIME………! You can look for the show at the Hagmann site ………………………………..

DeyoSeismicMapjpg  [Deyo 24 News]

Deyo 24 News  ~ Megathrust Earthquake May Hit New Zealand, Says Expert…!  or read from DEYO website ……………..


Thanks for listening,

Larry W. Taylor


Larry’s Blog


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11 Responses to Larry Taylor Blog ~ February 5, 2013

  1. Larry
    Just read your blog. Thank you. Very interesting on remote viewing. Equadoe petroglyphs are awesome!!!!!!! Wish there was time to explore everything. But alas my life span just will not give me enough time……;)

  2. Wow! Your blog just keeps getting more and more interesting. Kudos to you, Larry.

    My life span is too short, also, Darnette.. not enough hours in the day, or years in the life. Good thing we have Eternity coming up.

  3. jim says:

    hey larry, your blog is once again a good thing. i enjoy reading it. once feb. gets here spring is not far off. i’m ready to get this winter behind me. jim

  4. Dolores says:

    Another great blog, Larry! I wish people would wake-up to the extreme lateness of the hour, as reported by Steve Q and Greg Evensen on the Hagmann show you mentioned. I like spring too, Jim, but this one could be a doozie. So much going on – so LITTLE time……………….

  5. Mariel Strauss says:

    I usually listen to Curtner and Kerr when I am home, but I find it difficult that they don’t give the time zone on their site. 6 PM in what time zone? Their area code is East Coast but it may not be where they actually are. I don’t know the details of how radio shows get rerouted. Anyway, 6 PM on the East Coast would be 4 PM Mountain Time, and I am usually not quite home at that time on Wednesday. My baby sitting day (babies not so small any more, strenuous lads).

  6. Lulie says:

    All the good stuff, Larry! Thank you!
    SQ says he has a full sized armored ‘guy’ in his house to remind him “we are at war”….and so we are! With all of your learning, get wisdom, Proverbs says, and so Ingo Swann found out, the enemy is always at the door, and we must have WISDOM in Him~
    PS The Hagman report is AWESOME esp. when they get to PRAYER…POWERFUL, and encouraging to pray with those likehearted watchmen, in Unity of the Spirit and in the Bond of His PEACE~ Shalom.

  7. Danny Hailey says:

    Hey Larry thanks for the info and radio links. U make it easy to get to them. The Ecuador Petroglyphs are great. they kinda look like robots. Can’t wait for the update on them.Keep up the great effort Larry. Thank You for all you do.

  8. draculaagainstnwo says:

    larry i have been listening to the edmond veria on with randy yarbrough he is so wrong
    if we allow the county access to our weapons we are so in trouble as i have discovered we have control freaks at that level also but here is a truth
    the second amendment and who is the militia it is everybody we cant trust no govt or internal govt entity to do anything for your info i have have weapons and they cant have them period
    the arm is a tool a machine that is used to be used for hunting and protection as the need arises
    for any fool lets a govt push indoctrination of your children you are so reamed in the worst way
    end of that but truth is truth
    like here in new mexico a lady from roswell nm namely chaves county had put in hb 114 and was shot down as by demorats who said it was unconstitutional but sounds the dummies never read the constitution of nm or the US CONSTITUTION that says any law that is being used to push the gun control or banning are null void aka unalienable for it definition implies it cant be changed period as in every state has the right to veto and recall these vermin and put a new member in congress and the senate they violated their oath of offices so do the nm democratic legislatures did that as well they have a oath of office a friend of mine DAVID M GALLEGOES is out representative here in lea county nm and i warned him about creatures like these he wanted to do something but is always the problem
    go step farther here is the problem we have more democrats in the legislature and they have a agenda and what is horrible to it is this they are all drs and lawyers up there is why he is not one of these people a average joe who wants to something to help people but how can you do anything with the professionals who have there own agenda there
    guess i better finish up here

  9. draculaagainstnwo says:

    here is a interesting vision i ran across on youtube has to do with obama listen to it might make some sense i have the feeling obama
    1 is a clone or a avatar a empty vessol being used by outside forces

  10. John Saddington says:

    Hi Larry,

    I finally had the opportunity to listen to the roundtable on C&K. Very informative, thanks so much for the link, I’ll have to check them out a bit more often.


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